Update 9.2.0 is now LIVE! [Feedback Thread]

Please use this thread for feedback and thoughts.

Thank you!

Note: Update should show up within the next few hours! Not everyone will get it at the same time dependant on device, location, wifi, etc.

The Gear Store will unlock with the next level up tournament due to a level up tournament currently running on some regions

Friendly Duel chat bubbles will unlock when update is fully released to all active players.


9.2.0 Food Clarification >>

9.2.0 Update Info >>

I updated my game and the gear depo is locked

Yeah, its not live at all…

What reason is there to lock the og 9.2 thread? @kalishane
Edit:there were many great posts that went unresponded to.

No worries! It’s still located here >>

Too many pins.

I can’t find an update

Same… Full sentence

Depending on your device, platform, location it could take a bit of time.

If you’re not seeing it by later tonight – definitely post to let us know!

We keep an eye on adoptions.


Okay! I will! Thank you! :blush:
*I’m the type to keep refreshing my phone to see if it’s there, trying to withhold that urge :joy:


I have iphone I wonder if this update will be the% to get everything in the boxes?

im waiting on amazon store i dont see update :frowning:

Just checked with my faction. No updates for apple, android or amazon.

im downloading an update right now

edit its live for me

I dont want this update scopely you can update it back up where the sun dont don’t shine.

Wait they’re eventually gonna display chances and odds? About time I’m excited

@Mamadeadhead Are you on iOS or Android? Android can take a little bit longer to process than iOS. Try clearing the cache on your Play Store app. That can sometimes force the build to appear.

@BigJim Amazon will likely be released late tonight / early tomorrow. Amazon is a newer platform for us so there’s a little more overhead in releases right now.


Okay, I am in fact on Android. Thank you!