:alert: Update 11.0.2 is now LIVE!

why not give us a guaranteed portion of the earring say each assault you get 1/2 a plat earring for t6. this will still keep your players roughly a year from getting her then you need to be able to exchange the earring for upgrade materials. The top contributors should only get more markers not better options for the crates. these should all be the same. The rewards fro top contrib stuff just breaks factions up.


Since the 11.0.2 update I have notice a few bugs. I don’t know if they have been mentioned in other threads, but anyway here they are:

If an opponent gets confused they do not go back to facing the right direction making it difficult to select them as a target.

The 6 stars listed in the ascendance statue always return to having a notification on them if you close and reopen the app.


Can’t log into game after last update. It asks for credit card info befor I can update and since I’m getting new credit card I can’t get damn game updated. A bit weird that an update requires credit card info. A bit shady I think.