:alert: Update 11.0.2 is now LIVE!

Hello everyone!
The update has been pushed live to iOS, Android, and Amazon!

If you are not seeing it, give it time! It usually takes a few hours to get to everyone’s device individually!


What does the update contain? :slight_smile: it usaly takes 3 hours for me to ge the update :stuck_out_tongue:

Tier 6 fac assault
Double. Chance for earings

Wow, that update got pushed onto my android fast. So ready to start tier 6 faction ass salt as my faction calls it lol.

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Fixed it for you


Yup! I cannot wait and see how difficult Tier 6 is. :smiley:

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Anyone knows where can I find the list of patches/updates for 11.0.2? Tried looking for it, couldn’t locate it.


It should be pinned up at the top.

Updated and i dont see an FA t6 in the game?

Correct, it’s not there.

You will prolly have to wait until almost everyone has updated the game.

The pinned post only says “Faction Assault Improvements: Coming Soon!”

I’m trying to find one that has info on Tier 6 FA and the rewards changes as well, and if there are any other improvements/additions.

I imagine it will most likely be in the game announcements tab shortly.

My Google play store had an update, even says tier 6 fac assault is new.

Have not got it. Would like to see what’s in update also


Probably would. Thanks though :slight_smile:

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patch notes?

I have the Update. No tier 6 fac assault…

The Faction Assault changes are to come! Not all have been announced either. :wink:


When will it be announced? :smile_cat:

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Please let one of the changes be to have gotten rid of the leaderboard, it causes a lot of contention among my factionmates.