Update 10.0 [Feedback Thread]


Hello everyone! Please share all feedback for update 10.0 here. :slight_smile:
Thank you!

[10.0 - 10.0.1] Patch Notes [LIVE] Updated 04/09/18
10.0.1 is NOW :red_circle: LIVE

Patch Notes >>


Nightmare mode sounds interesting. Will this allow differing drop rewards and be selectable or defined as nightmare mode from the onset.

Where the region migration at?


I like the idea of roadmaps having “coming soon” etc. statuses. It would be nice to see this for tournaments too


So hold on…what do the ‘fully updated visual aesthetics’ apply to? Just the roadmap or…?


I sure hope there are wheel updates with ascendables in it.

Oh and 6* war rewards


Surprised no one, dev or player, has posted SS yet


So how cheap will nightmare mode be? will all the characters have greater chance weapons?




Just used a token and got 36 not including bonus’…definitely been adjusted.


They cleaned off their map desk. No more loose bullets and knickknacks


Im not in beta, just got 12 from that stage. Definitely adjusted


Any gloves or shirts up there?

Sadly way short on these items more so than survivors. But an increase. Is appreciated


Looks way nicer. :+1: @kalishane


So are the roadmaps not actually split up in the three areas yet? Story, radio, and daily?


Request: Can we get a list of all changes in the patch notes? The survivor drop adjustment seems like something that would be worth mentioning.


list is in the sticky post


It says nothing about adjusted drops.


Maybe, instead of continously adding absolutely useless graphical updates, focus on the issues killing the game. Region merging for example. Try and hire a couple developers who are gonna fully dedicate their time and effort to this issue of major importance.


lol even it is, it wont be fixed