Update 10.0.1 not available?!?!

Help. I go into game and it says I need to update to 10.1, however when I click on update, there is no update to be found. I closed both apps and retried, same thing. (BTW I’m a beta tester - dont know if that effects it)

10.0.1 is the most recent version of the game. There is no 10.1.0. What game version are you currently on? Menu -> Options -> About -> Version should be right below your Account Code.

If you’re on Android, try clearing the cache on your Google Play App.
Devices Settings -> App -> Google Play Store -> Storage -> Clear Cache.

Wow thanks for the quick reply. Its this is a new update? or is it newer? is the most recent version of the game. If you’re on that version then you don’t need to update.

Do you have the same version?

Thank you

Then why am I constantly getting pop ups to update?

Looks like there’s an issue with the Targeting for the Update Prompt. Let me poke someone. Please hold.

when do we get information about the awards in the blitz war? Sorry, that not on topic!

Not something I have information on unfortunately =(


Targeting should be fixed now. Might take an hour or two for the change to propagate. Sorry about the spam!

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perhaps this is a mistake of your device, on Android this often happens)))

Thanks your the best!

I’m still getting the update prompt in game.

If the message was already queued to appear on your device it may still show but the targeting has been updated to prevent it from targeting 10.0.1 Users.


Ok, thanks for clearing that up bud.

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Thanks @Shawn.Scopely!

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10.0.1 already and still getting the pop up every time i load up

Also is this trainer token event purely pay to play?