Upcoming Typhoon event

I’m just curious if we have any more information about this upcoming event and what kind it will be? I saw that the Sergio stash has a second stash if you complete it that offers a bracelet for the event and now I’m curious if I should be grinding harder to complete both?


Probably another wheel to get an useless 5* ascendable if you get lucky enough . chances between 0.0001 and 0.0009%


Well, there were leaks of 4 asian characters awhile back who are probs part of the typhoon novel. Two of them were S-class toons (green & yellow). Hopefully, there are f2p toons there that are actually usable.

Info will come out after the event starts that’s the usual scopes plan

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Found them


Sclass with 6* gen2 stats, rest of them gen1 stat. But Maybe They will change this

These were leaked before the buff to S-class and veteran rings were introduced so expect the stats for the s-class toons to skyrocket

They might be holding off on these toons due to the s class backlash. My guess would be one s class a month.

i bet Hengyen is going to be Hemorrhage or life steal

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The second one could be a lacerator

There is no info on the Typhoon event and no info on what the beads are for.

My general thoughts are to be safe than sorry, and to get and hoard whatever you can cause you never know, but in this case it doesn’t look possible for a F2P to get the beads since you’re only allowed to cash in the stash tokens a total of 30 times. There’s no other way to get tokens beyond the 30 so the beads are out of reach.

Unless I’m missing something.

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Unlikely. We just got one. She seems like decap maybe

None of them have gen 1 stats, pull out your calculator bro


rofl 4 jaunes… encore

Gen 2 stats don’t matter if they’re kits are bad. Look at Sergio.

i love chinese

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Hi!! Wanted to share some context about the typhoon event here. If you all were curious. :nerd_face:


Would be cool if this was like the pick your side event with Dwight and Jesus but most likely not

I’m absolutely sure that Zhu will be f2p, Jiafen and Laopo p2p and maybe Hengyen a f2p s class

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