Upcoming SR rewards


Anyone seen the rewards for the upcoming SR tournament. I’m sure it will be the usual 10K 5* tokens for first, I’m mostly curious to know how many necklaces are being given out.

Solo sr prizes?

The same that’s given out the last two tourneys. About 6250 if I’m correct.


Well the two level ups were 5,250 but CRW was only 4,750 (unless my math was wrong which is very likely).


Bump 15 characters


VK should have the rewards up in about an hour & 1/2


Anyone know what the prizes will be? Another copy and paste?


Pretty Much:



Is it a 2 day one? Or another ridiculously short one?


Well, at least they added the necklaces to the bottom normally empty row instead of removing the food. It’s copy and paste but at least for completing it, we get one of each important trainer. As far as rewards go there decent.


Event calendar says over the 18th & 19th, but take it with a pinch of salt.


VK saying its 1 day, 19hrs this time


So doable with freebies cool.


Thanks. No need to lose sleep then lol


Any idea on start time?

1 day 19 hours might indicate that it will start immediately following lvl up, but the last one didn’t start until later in the day


**beauty thank you **


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