Upcoming Region Transfer Details

Greetings Survivors,

We wanted to announce upcoming openings for region transfers. Beginning on September 5th, select groupings of regions will have transfers enabled for 48-hour windows in order to minimize progress lost on stashes and mission events. Please note that players that choose to transfer during this time will have their Login stash reset. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this causes.

Our goal with region transfers is to allow players to freely choose where they play while protecting weaker regions from disproportionate power imbalances. Due to the reset of stashes and mission events that region transfers entail, we also seek to minimize disruption of players’ progress for each.

  • Wave 1 regions will be eligible for both outbound and inbound transfer beginning Thursday 9/5 5:00 pm PDT and concluding on Saturday 9/7 at 5:00 pm PDT. Wave 2 regions will have only outbound transfers enabled during this window as well. Please note that players leaving Wave 2 regions for Wave 1 regions will not be able to return to a Wave 2 region, and will be confined to more powerful Wave 1 regions for the foreseeable future.

  • Wave 2 regions will be eligible for both outbound and inbound transfer beginning Monday 9/9 at 5:00 pm PDT and concluding on Wednesday 9/11 at 5:00 pm. Wave 3 regions will have only outbound transfers enabled during this window as well. Please note that players leaving Wave 3 regions will not be able to return, and will be confined to more powerful Wave 2 regions for the foreseeable future.

Wave 1 Regions

  • Autauga (EN)
  • Banks (EN)
  • Barrow (EN)
  • Bell (JA)
  • Blount (EN)
  • Boone (繁体)
  • Carroll (EN)
  • Catoosa (FR)
  • Chambers (EN)
  • Charlton (DE)
  • Chatham (DE)
  • Chattahoochee (EN)
  • Cherokee (DE)
  • Choctaw (EN)
  • Clarke (DE)
  • Clayton (IT)
  • Columbia (JA)
  • Cook (EN)
  • Coweta (EN)
  • Dallas (EN)
  • Darlington (EN)
  • Decatur (EN)
  • DeKalb (EN)
  • Dooly (RU)
  • Edgefield (EN)
  • Elmore (EN)
  • Etowah (EN)
  • Forsyth (EN)
  • Gilmer (EN)
  • Habersham (EN)
  • Hall (EN)
  • Harris (EN)
  • Hart (EN)
  • Heard (EN)
  • Jasper (EN)
  • Jeff Davis (EN)
  • Jenkins (EN)
  • Johnson (FR)
  • Jones (RU)
  • Laurens (ES)
  • Lee (DE)
  • Long (EN)
  • Madison (EN)
  • McIntosh (EN)
  • Miller (EN)
  • Mitchell (EN)
  • Pickens (EN)
  • Pike (EN)
  • Polk (RU)
  • Pooler (ES)
  • Rockdale (EN)
  • Schley (EN)
  • Screven (EN)
  • Spalding (EN)
  • Stephens (EN)
  • Terrell (EN)
  • Tift (ES)
  • Troup (EN)
  • Union (FR)
  • Walker (EN)
  • Whitfield (EN)
  • Wilcox (EN)
  • Wilkinson (EN)
  • Winston (DE)

Wave 2

  • Adair (TR)
  • Bacon (EN)
  • Bartow (EN)
  • Bath (IT)
  • Ben Hill (EN)
  • Berrien (EN)
  • Bibb (EN)
  • Brooks (EN)
  • Burke (EN)
  • Butler (EN)
  • Camden (FR)
  • Candler (EN)
  • Chattooga (EN)
  • Clay (FR)
  • Cleburne (EN)
  • Clinch (FR)
  • Cobb (EN)
  • Coffee (IT)
  • Colbert (EN)
  • Conecuh (EN)
  • Coosa (EN)
  • Dade (EN)
  • Dodge (KO)
  • Escambia (EN)
  • Evans (PT)
  • Fayette (RU)
  • Grady (ES)
  • Gwinnett (ES)
  • Houston (EN)
  • Irwin (EN)
  • Lamar (EN)
  • Lanier (EN)
  • Liberty (EN)
  • Limestone (PT)
  • Lincoln (EN)
  • Lithonia (RU)
  • Macon (EN)
  • Marion (EN)
  • Marshall (PT)
  • Newton (RU)
  • Oglethorpe (RU)
  • Paulding (EN)
  • Pierce (EN)
  • Putnam (EN)
  • Rabun (EN)
  • Randolph (EN)
  • Stewart (ES)
  • Talbot (EN)
  • Tallapoosa (FR)
  • Taylor (EN)
  • Telfair (FR)
  • Thomas (ES)
  • Treutlen (KO)
  • Turner (ES)
  • Upson (EN)
  • Ware (EN)
  • Warren (EN)
  • Washington (EN)
  • Wayne (PT)
  • Webster (EN)
  • Wheeler (EN)
  • Wilkes (EN)
  • Worth (EN)

Wave 3

  • Anderson (JA)
  • Beaufort (IT)
  • Colleton (DE)
  • Allen (TR)
  • Bedford (繁体)
  • Bamberg (FR)
  • Spartanburg (EN)
  • York (EN)
  • Barbour (EN)
  • Clarendon (PT)
  • Lexington (ES)
  • Roswell (PT)
  • Lancaster (EN)
  • Chester (EN)
  • Towns (TR)
  • Kershaw (EN)
  • Williamsburg (RU)
  • Douglas (KO)
  • McCormick (EN)
  • Dillon (EN)
  • Seminole (EN)
  • Newberry (EN)
  • Fairfield (EN)
  • Tattnall (EN)
  • Marlboro (EN)
  • Colquitt (TR)
  • Calhoun (EN)
  • Florence (PT)
  • Abbeville (EN)
  • McDuffie (EN)
  • Orangeburg (ES)
  • Lawrence (ES)
  • Augusta (ES)
  • Chilton (EN)
  • Effingham (EN)
  • Taliaferro (RU)
  • Echols (EN)
  • Twiggs (PT)
  • Toombs (PT)
  • Glascock (ES)
  • Oconee (PT)
  • Hancock (TR)
  • Lauderdale (ES)
  • Dale (EN)
  • Greenwood (EN)
  • Covington (EN)
  • Albert (EN)
  • Ballard (PT)
  • Morgan (EN)
  • Emanuel (PT)
  • Muscogee (ES)
  • Cullman (EN)
  • Henry (EN)
  • Bullock (EN)
  • Walton (EN)
  • Meriwether (RU)
  • Shelby (RU)
  • Quitman (EN)
  • Hale (ES)
  • Floyd (EN)
  • Glynn (ES)
  • Butts (EN)
  • Pulaski (EN)
  • Bleckley (EN)
  • Fannin (PT)
  • Anderson (KO)
  • Tuscaloosa (DE)
  • Peach (FR)
  • Jackson (ES)
  • Dougherty (EN)
  • Marengo (PT)
  • Russell (RU)
  • Crisp (KO)
  • Franklin (EN)
  • Bryan (EN)
  • Talladega (FR)
  • Montgomery (EN)
  • Lumpkin (PT)
  • Jefferson (EN)
  • Monroe (FR)
  • Early (PT)
  • Gordon (ES)
  • Brantley (EN)
  • Richmond (EN)
  • White (EN)
  • Geneva (ES)
  • Lowndes (EN)
  • Bulloch (EN)
  • Crenshaw (EN)
  • Murray (ES)
  • Mobile (PT)
  • Perry (RU)

Following the conclusion of our upcoming multi-week event in October, additional region transfers will be enabled for both Wave 1 and Wave 2 realms as well as others.

The Walking Dead Team


Trash, it’s the 1000 steps back from the leagues annoncement, congrats on making dead regions even more deader now, + 2 days is just not enough to rally an entire faction


Please dont make cullman outbound only this will kill our region


@ForumAdmin @GR.Scopely a little help please? This will hamstring our region


Outbound only will kill so many regions. RIP in advance.


Just open permanently. Windows risks people getting left behind. They’re in the middle of stashes anyway so it’s not as if they’re meticulously planned around, let people decide themselves when they want to move and what they want to lose for that, at a pace they can properly scout a region and move a faction over.


Stupid, just another way to divide P2P and f2p.

I swear it never ceases to amaze me how every decision is worse than the last with this company


Does this mean that any player who is in 3rd wave regions can’t join 1st wave regions?? And people in 1st wave regions, can only transfer to other 1st wave regions.

WTF are you making so much restrictions? There will be people already confirmed to join facs, who now maybe can’t make the transfer! Or people who want to move to their OG region…may also be impossible.

Did you guys seriously just fucked up at transfers even…?



There’s also CRW on the calendar before Wave 3 can even transfer? This is very disruptive if you have members joining your faction and you’re in wave 1, but they’re in wave 3. So glad scopely really thought this through with the 8 weeks they had to plan. :roll_eyes:


They are trying to force a merger of regions. Without just moving everyone.


The aim is to perhaps softly merge regions, but for a variety of reasons you can’t just do this without targetting the reason why people stay in dead regions in the first place. Improving rewards and scaling vastly down to cater for bigger regions. A rank 2 faction is getting an ok deal in low pop region. Where’s the motivation to win abhorrent prizes down in rank 15 in a merged region?

So the total opposite to what they’ve done with war - merging and leaving the prize structure to die. See how popular that is. Scopely need to start accounting for butterfly effects before dumping in wide-ranging changes

All of Wave 3, which is outbound, should be getting free keys.


Also, glad you finally made some of your list alphabetical, but really? You couldn’t even bother to completely follow through on something and left Wave 3 random.


Why is wave three not in alphabetical order?


Someone messed up on the dates. September 5th is on a Thursday, not a Wednesday. So can you clarify exactly what day this is going to happen? Is it Wednesday 9/4 or Thursday 9/5?


@GR.Scopely this is complete crap how can you restrict movement like this between regions anyone in a wave 1 can’t even go back to where they started in an older region without making it known beforehand if this is the way of the future y’all should let us have 1 last choice where to go open all regions 9/5-9/7 and we be cool


Remind me to never move regions for an event of your making again.

Wish we could see the results of the survey on this. No way people were asking for this headache.



People asked to NOT be locked out, they did the exact opposite again, kudos to them, now I hate em more than ever.


Tbh this is one of the worst decisions scopely has ever made its gotta be top 5 atleast we can’t even play with our friends