Upcoming Game Updates: Promises for the Future - [Aug 14]



Just wondering if this means I should start stockpiling everything or will the tokens I have now still get the old rewards when the update is implemented.


The past few days have just shown how colossal the disconnect is between Scopely’s priorities (Priyarities) and that of the players.

Are the content updates welcome? Yes, always. But of the ones documented, all they will do is essentially bring some aspects of the game up to date with where they should’ve been 12, maybe 18 months ago. And nothing in the post indicates that we should expect these in any form of regularity - seems this could be another one and done, wait for the next protest to get anything further kinda deal.

Depot refreshes were a long time coming, and while they’re mostly positive there are still a number of downsides. Only an increased likelihood of an ascendable in 2 slots, one of which is still off limits to the majority of players, why? Why not a single slot permanently dedicated to ascendable toons?
A 15% rate on a depot that refreshes once weekly coupled with an increased - and therefor diluted - pool of potential recruits all but ensures that players will never see the toon they want. I can understand the supply depot not being refreshed daily as a whole because folk will stock up on refills - which, horror of horrors, may dissuade them from buying can deals - but why not have the ascendable slot refresh daily and leave the rest to the regular weekly rate? 55k supply points aren’t that easy to come by (1200 excess Bennys notwithstanding).

Extra roster slots, welcome but wholly irrelevant until trainers start stacking.

I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of some of the toon additions to both 5* and Prestige - Camilla, Morgan, Marlon, Michonne among others. However there are 2 issues here. 5* tokens have pretty much slowed down to a trickle as regards rewards. We get 200 daily guaranteed, but that’s 50 days for a single pull. The amounts from territories are piss poor (and again, not addressed in the update). Ideally, players should be getting enough to make a pull every week. This is something that’s easily remedied, assuming the will is there on Scopely’s part (hint: it isn’t). The second issue, less so.

Good as the toon additions are, they don’t address one of the fundamental aspects that has plagued so many players for so long - RNG.
When decap Alpha was added to the 5* wheel I blew all my tokens, close to 70 pulls at that point, trying to get her. Nada. Of course, long after she became irrelevant I got 4 of the bitch as war “rewards”, mocking my previous attempts. RNGsus is a vengeful god for sure.
When Douglas became ascendable, I tried 50 pulls for him. Nada. My alt got him on a single, and he elevated both attack & defense astronomically on that region. And to this day, the only Guardian II toon I have on my main is OG Zeke.
These unrequited pulls are far from isolated, I remember back in the initial wheel some players going 100 deep for Carl and never getting him, even to this day. Same deal with ascending 4*.

So these new toons are on the wheel, great. Except for many players they may as well not be, because no matter how many tokens they throw into the wheel they’re never gonna see them. Wheel updates are basic, front-end tinkering around the edges.
I’ve said many times we don’t need updates, we need overhauls. Some kind of system halfway between a stash and the multiple choice options given when increasing player levels (choose red Rosita/blue Yumiko etc.). Something to greatly reduce, if not eliminate entirely, the RNG that has hamstrung so many and give a permanent, guaranteed path of player progression. Of course, that’s all down to what Scopely’s loose interpretation of “progress” is. So maybe the devil you know in that regard.

The Player Council being behind closed doors is asinine, it may as well not even exist if that’s going to be the case. If the players picked for it didn’t want their IDs revealed then they shouldn’t have applied, simple as. If you can’t take criticism then perhaps looking to be a waypoint between Scopely and the players wasn’t the smartest choice.
Aside from the fact that seemingly no one of note has been picked for it (going by the posts from various forum personalities), what exactly were the criteria that dictated who was chosen? RNG? How many? What will it accomplish without input from the wider playerbase? The clandestine nature of it will lead to no substantive changes whatsoever. People in general behave a lot differently when they have a cloak of anonymity applied to them. A lot easier to take 30 pieces of silver when no one’s looking. I mean, so I’ve been told.

But of course, pretty much everything I’ve written is moot, because had the Council been active (or assuming they are, had been doing their job), there would have been a unified cry of DON’T FUCKíNG RELEASE PRIYA …but I guess that’s too late now. Or as said above, maybe they did try to shout down her release initially, but Scopely gave her to them “to test” as hush money. Priya: Council Approved™

She’s out in the wild, S Classes have finally gotten their long overdue, heavily requested stats buff (taken from the same folder of player feedback that wanted 6* to get theirs) so now we don’t have to wait for a Nightmare SR tourney to roll around anymore, because we can have that experience in our everyday raiding! Thank you Scopely for once again having your finger firmly on the playerbase’s pulse. What you’re doing with the rest of those fingers is probably not for discussion here.

So the majority of the playerbase will finally be able to catch up to 2017, while the whales are already in 2022. Two baby steps forward, one drunken sideways stagger through a plate glass window. The ol’ Scopely foxtrot.


Can we get all these updates updated again in line with the knew 8 star meta “s class” everything is now out dated before launch you bunch of scopleys.

One step forward 3 steps back of the edge of cliff into shark infested toxic water with sharp rocks and mines. As usual greedy fecks!!


@GR.Scopely I had hopes with the updates that I was going to keep playing. But this isn’t going to help close the gap. Guess I will renew my ending on 9/30 as I had originally decided to give for improvement. This isn’t it.


I’m just gonna go ahead and quote my original question as it seems to have been overlooked.

Totally fair question Imo🤗

U have like 2-3 hours of stockpiling ahead of 7. Good luck!

What a crock of shit! As usual, empty words… Crates still dropping crap… absolutely zero changes made.
This is my last war weekend. You’ve just lost another player.

We have had several war cans in the war crates so far.

This is just a tiny step in the right direction, i still won’t be reinstalling until year round daily log in rewards and free daily pulls are put in place, survivors club is a joke and those things shoulda been free to all players A LOOOOONNNNGGGGGGG TIME AGO

Just leave this here… (barely had to scroll, could probably have left a 3 min fast scrolling reply from the questions not responded to just from the last few days)

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The new weapons are in the wheel, just scroll through them. And tokens get current rewards

These were asked before the update dropped. They failed to reply.

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they did not care enough to reply :joy:
Hey atleast GR doesnt troll us, thats a minor win i guess :laughing:

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Right they were you reposted them… The answers are already there. There’s no reason to reply to every question in forum it’s be too time consuming. Wheels always show what’s available and wheels are refreshed without resetting tokens

to complete the mission is to get the statuette to have the comics I have to raise 5 pg but joke? not everyone has elevation tokens. as usual, do everything to keep the players from growing. Don’t be surprised then if there are only 4 cats left with money to burn but maybe that’s what you want. if the game continues to lose player maybe two questions you should do with them

Raise 3 or 4 stars

whe is lee going to become ascendable???!!!

great update. Except for the crash in the war and the simple rewards. But that has always been so with new updates. Am also of the opinion that one should stack the instructors. Now fix the existing errors. then it’s alright

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Is ascend thing also updated ? I have few yellow 4* ready and want try for g2 rick but im not sure if They updated this ? Anyone know?