Upcoming Cross Region War Prizes


How many 5* tokens and farmable gear can the winning factions expect?

Cross Region War - Prizes?

No no no, they’ll get green Glenn who is newly ascendable.


I think 5* non-ascendable Spencer is the prize.

That said, it will be 12,650 5* tokens, 3 ultra rare gear bags, and 740 red plastic pieces.


Another throw away toon accompanied by more duplicate useless toons from the wheel.


I want a damn gator…im not being sarcastic btw


As long as his ascendable version is relased at the same time but from the current pace they are releasing old toons 6* version now it may not be until 2020.


I’d want him even if he wasn’t ascendable, just for the fun tbh


So… Does anyone have the screenshots? I’m sceptical that the prizes sticky is up to date.

For all those that read what I wrote, I gift you with this funky goat.


No info about upcoming CRW for now.


Hey @kalishane , can you please tell us more? Which amazing prizes are gonna be…I hope a 6* and non ascendable old char


Nope like last CRW they haven’t been working on that, it will end up being more 5* tokens and farmable gear, maybe a few trainers if you’re lucky.


@Andrea_Scopely Thanks for merging the threads, can you give us an answer for the question? Thanks.


No word as of yet about the prizes.


Yikes that’s not a good sign with War starting tomorrow. But I appreciate your response.


Who is Andrea? ×D new mod?


No shes been on the forums a while, she does nothing but merge threads.


I beg to differ. She also closes them.


I hope for a Benny, 100 lucille tokens, Lilith, active skill trainer as milestones. Wishful thinking, I know.


Thank you


The CRW prizes are in, and they’re pretty decent. Top 2 get 5*s and Benedicts what everyone wanted. Here’s the rewards:


Keep on surviving: Had to edit it a bit