Upcoming 6*s - Please help post images


There were some images of the upcoming 6* characters that were listed in the recent announcement on the old forum (the Governor, Joshua etc) but I can’t find them there now and the search facility on that forum isn’t working correctly. If anyone has them please could you post them here (the 6* version not the 5* version :smile:




Thank you for this :blush:


dates would be great for them new 6s coming.


This Gov is “A New Threat” while the other Gov was a different title. Am I correct?


@lolaskates and @MICK_DEAD_END thanks for noticing, changed the wrong gov to a right one


Honestly, I really really like the “A New Threat” Gov… He is going to a nice addition since most reds are very offensive focued. He will bring a new diversity.


For those who will wonder about new threat gov


as long we dont have max our 5 star gov that we will get from the even am good with him


If you notice on the 2017- to early 2018 ASC list, there is a Gov “The Calm Before”.

Gov “A New Threat” is not the same as the “The Calm Before” Gov. Only one is directly tied to our current Kirkman Presents event.


Curious for Kal. Wonder what they’ll change him into. offense? even tankier?


Wonder why they made Eugene worse, goes from a remove all penalties rush to just curing stun and confuse, with curing taunt on active.



you mean max the new 5* governor you are going to have to pull next weekend? for the new threat one.


could be a max the 5 star for the turn in for him within this event?


Dwight is already the freebie collection one, all the others including yvette are clearly promos. That how the game has always been, rare freebies and the rest all require pulls.

It’s not like star wars were players can spend time working towards almost any toon or accelerate it via money.


I think it will be a max the 5 star event. That 6 star negan looks very similar to the free 4 star negan we got.

I’m guessing we will have a chance to exchange our way to the 6 star Negan.

But there is also the colllection for Dwight on museum right now, so maybe he will be the only free ascendable instead.

Free negan might just be a way to introduce us to the main and outlast mechanics