Upcoming 5* ascending from the list

@kalishane if nothing else if u can’t give us a time line of when they will b release other than early 2017 can u at least give us an order in which they will be released ahead of time that would include new toons as well so this would allow us to plan ahead and to have the toons that are going to be ascendable ready and lvled up

Your tag for Kalishane is broken. She won’t see the notification that way.

Also, I doubt you’ll get the info you’re looking for. She probably doesn’t have it and as a result won’t give answers that later make the community angry when they aren’t specific and/or 101% accurate

You can’t tell me that they don’t have the order of toons already per determined ahead of time they have to program it ahead of time and they wouldn’t have to release 100 toons I’m only asking that they give us an order that the toons will be released in even if they posted like 3-5 toons ahead would be much better than being completely in the dark

Not saying it’s not planned or impossible. Just saying I doubt it’ll be revealed.

She doesn’t share things unless they’re locked in. And we already know even things added to the game that can be data mined by VK aren’t considered locked in until a few days before their release, which may come months after the character specs are found and leaked.

Being in the dark on upcoming characters is one thing that doesn’t bother me much, actually. I don’t know or care what the next character in SWGOH is. It comes when it comes, and at that point I’ll decide if I want to try to get it.

Plus…hype for this game has too often led to disa(GATOR)ppointment…

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Incase they pretend they didn’t see the topic