Upcoming 22.5 Update

Greetings Survivors,

The team has been working hard on updating Road to Survival and tackling fixes for as many issues as possible. While the update is still a few weeks out (after War of Champions), we wanted to give you a preview of what’s to come!

Self-Friendly Duels

At long last, Self Friendly Duels are here! Theorycraft crazy defense teams and test them out! Players will now have the ability to duel their own friendly defense teams in the Duel menu within the Faction menu interface. Players must be in a Faction to fight themselves. This will hopefully give players some much-needed insight into how their defense teams perform and allow for tweaks and changes to do even better in PVP events!

Content Refresh

Expect to see new, more powerful Fighters in 5-Star Recruits and Prestige Recruits! We’ve also reduced the overall number of Ascendable Fighters in each pool - but no odds are changing. This means that when you acquire an ascendable from either of these sources, they should be powerful and strengthen your roster!

New Fighters are also coming to War Recruits. The pool of Fighters has been expanded, and they are stronger than ever before!

Draft Arena Improvements

As players get stronger, it’s important that Fighters that can be drafted in Arena power up as well. With this update, all Fighters in Draft Arenas will be Veteran Level 30 to match tougher defense teams. Draft pools will also be updated to include more S-class and stronger fighters, and select S-class Recruits may even be in Drafts before they release!

Token Multi-Opens

Players should now be able to use multiple tokens at once when opening stashes or on special event wheels. This should reduce the need to use stash pulls one at a time after saving up tokens.

Combat Fixes

The team has been working hard to fix as many issues as possible. Please read below to see the comprehensive list of combat fixes going live in 22.5:

  • Laopo’s Active Skill will now trigger correctly when controlled by AI - Fix is Live
  • Fixed an issue where Normalized Human Shields would not remove Human Shield from teammates when dying
  • Fixed an issue where transferring Burn could not be resisted
  • Fixed issues with Faction Assault animations
  • Fixed an issue where Tough Amplification Level 4 Epic Weapons would still do damage even if Maim was resisted
  • Fixed an issue where a fighter could steal an ATK UP status when affected by ATK UP Block
  • Stealing Elusive now calculates AP properly
  • Alert Destruction Level 3 and 4 weapon effects will now work consistently
  • Fixed issues with Outlast Specialists dying immediately from bleed/burn
  • Fixed issues with Daze and Active Skills interacting incorrectly with AP bars
  • AR bars now update properly when two Slow effects are applied back to back
  • Remove debuff weapon effects now properly play the animations on all affected characters
  • AI fighters will now use their rush after Slow has been removed and their AP is full
  • Fixed the 2nd attack weapon effect not getting reduced by the “Reduce Basic Attack Damage” weapon effect
  • Splash damage will now do the correct damage to adjacent targets
  • Fixed the Pain Spread weapon effect spreading Hemorrhage as Bleed
  • Fixed an interaction with Overheal and Normalize
  • Fixed an issue with Fast Destruction Level 3 Epic Weapon effect working inconsistently
  • Fixed issues with AP drain AR’s working inconsistently under certain conditions
  • Heal Reduction can now be applied to Walker Hordes Turrets
  • Dead Strong Teammates will now count towards Epic Weapon effects that give an attack buff based on the # of Strong teammates

Other Fixes

  • Veteran Ring inconsistencies with Level Up tournaments now fixed
  • Various “Team Player” Epic Weapon Effect inconsistencies should now be fixed when applying stats to a line or adjacent teammates
    • Stats should now be reflected properly in the team edit screen
  • Various issues of Fixed Weapons not altering stats properly when swapping out for another Epic Weapon fixed
  • Solo trophies earned in Arena completion rewards will now reflect properly in the Combat Victory UI
  • Various interactions with Dossier stats adding Mod bonuses twice fixed
  • Fixed various forced restarts when opening Bags and Mod Boxes in Choice Bags
  • Friendly Duel damage results are now consistent across menus
  • Fixed various resist icons on Mods to match their functionality
  • Fixed various Auxiliary Mod icons to match their functionality
  • Fixed UI displays with Maimed character’s HP
  • Various weapon effect combat callouts fixed (visual fix)
  • Reworded Trait Mod damage reduction descriptions to be clearer
  • Fixed issues with the heal teammate weapon effect
  • Fixed an issue where various Rick Fighters who were missing a hand regrew their hand during death animations
  • Fixed an issue where some versions of Heath would regrow their left leg during death animations
  • Various Onslaught UI fixes
  • Fixed various issues with Priya’s fixed weapon displaying stats incorrectly
  • Fixed issues where fighter Dossiers do not update properly when changing weapons
  • Fixed Hold the Line not stacking properly with other buffs
  • Fixed various Armory UI issues

Ok so…

No faction assault update? :frowning:


Hehehe :joy:


What about when using normalize on a human shield and you lose the rest of your turn?
Also little disappointing this won’t be fixed before WoC. Buggy code on expensive premieres shouldn’t be part of a tournament.

Yay finally!


@TayTron force players to draft defense in draft mode as well. You still haven’t fixed the issues of stock weapons vs craftable weapons.


Call me stupid but I’m gonna need a simplified version of the VR fix. Does it mean the score displayed in the “Leaderboard” tab matches the score in the “Rewards” tab instead of lagging behind? It’s something I’ve seen but I don’t find it a problem.

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Im going to need to see this :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Also kudos on the very true to actual life insta wood that one may get after death


Thanks @TayTron a lot of work here! Much appreciated


Are you going to fix my armories? Why am I the only one getting rubbish everytime I collect a craft?


Splash damage will now do the correct damage to adjacent targets

so was it doing too much or too little before I wonder


This reads exactly like, I will still pull crap-toons for months at a time. Years even, before getting anything useful from these wheels.


I think this fixes it since the issue was the human shield component wouldn’t be removed which resulted in the loss of the rest of your turn because you couldn’t attack anyone not shielded


only taken you 4 and 1/2 years

Can we also remove most of non 6 star ascendables? @TayTron


@TayTron I think it’s about time you remove 4 stars from the wheel. During the six star era, you removed 3 stars. Now that we are in the S class era, I think it’s time to remove four stars. 37.9 percent is just way too high a number for something that is NOT premier worthy at all.

You can use that 37.9 percent on the new armory tokens, varnish, grease, legendary gear and benedicts.

I would tag PC, but I’m sure they have had enough of me for a day lol


@Parker just had to soz ricky hahaha


TayTay I’m confused so less 6s ? Not good. why not increase the number inside or the odds if you must reduce them. and new 5 ? why ? i’m not really complaining but why not make the old 5* like Green Davie, and all the Michonnes S class ?

but the war one sounds fun

also can we just have 6 wheel? come on its s class era and costs to much go from 5 to 6 then s class


I see blah blah blah. Til I see the fix then I’ll believe scopley.