Up coming fact raid


Seems they have no test tubs in ms what gives details say they be in ms


Level up milestones, read the in game details


They should be for all events… not going wait 2 weeks for fact level.


It clearly states level up milestones… I do agree however that this super slow trickle of free ones is terrible


Or, you know, the seventeen thousand level ups we have every week. Don’t be so impatient


Yes, I agree, why are so many people so into “instant gratification” these days… Yet they don’t want to spend money…


It’s free. Why you don’t want to wait is beyond me.


One not in a group moving soon two level up is not just only event… could not give two shits if they are free fact they limiting it to one shit event type.


People can always buy them if they don’t want to wait.


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