Up and coming Twitch Streamer/Youtuber

Hey everyone im new to the streaming and youtube scene, figured id throw it out here for anyone interested in supporting a new content creator :slight_smile: My wife Powerpuffsalot and myself (TheCynicWolf) stream almost daily on Twitch, providing our internet connection doesnt screw us lol

We stream a variety of things from FPS, survival horror, indie games etc, usually depends on what we have available. Lately we’ve been streaming a lot of Borderlands 2 to get ourselves prepped for the Borderlands 3 release in September. We will be streaming that on release day (September 13th) providing the download is complete.

Our Youtube is still in its beginning stages with only a few videos up but they could use some love! go check them out as well and dont be afraid to hit subscribe, each video will be better and better, and my word is a lot stronger than some company’s we know :slight_smile:

Come check us out and help some survivors keep survivng :slight_smile:

Edit: Got takenas spam so i removed the links, guessing thats what caused it. Links are in my profile if youre looking for them.


Good luck!

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Thank you! We are gonna do our best.

Bah my bad, i used the forbidden word in my edit -_- Sorry staff.

Seems cool.Will you be doing walking dead video also?

I started doing season 1 of the tell tale series but it didnt drum up a lot of interest. Id be willing to start again if enough people request it

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Was my own mistake i guess shrug only ever posted about it once lol