Unwanted Changes

I’m really confused at the direction the changes we ask for are going. I mean are you guys taking our requests, feedback, complaints and doing these changes on purpose to get a good laugh? Because i find it really hard to fathom that you guys are unintentionally doing the opposite of what we are asking over and over again.

We complained about the lack of food. The game has been updated our levels increased. We got 6 Star characters but our farms and storage never change. We asked for the ability to make and maintain more food. We asked for the possibility to convert wood into food. <<<<< What we got was food as prizes. I don’t think many players are loving that change.

We complained about the 30 day Pass and all the same characters in the crate that most of us have pulled. They are very old characters and theyre pretty much like getting a 6 Star trainer to a lot of us. We asked the crate be updated with new characters. <<<<<<<< What we got was the free character of the first purchase changed from a 4 Star to a 5 Star. Everything else stayed the same.

We asked for less 5* tokens as war prizes and to give ascendable 5* characters for top prizes. <<<<< What we’ve gotten is a decrease in 5* tokens and crappy war prizes. We didn’t want a decrease in 5* tokens. Some of these prizes where the top prizes are 5,000 tokens or less don’t make us want to go hard and spend. The milestone prizes with gear we can get from farming or silver/gold radios most people don’t need or food bags. I mean leather journals and maps and hiking boots? Really. Those aren’t prizes. We can get that from using world energy.

We asked for more gear maps including gear for leveling 6* characters. <<<<< What we got was a new gear map that doesn’t drop gear like other maps. Cost a bunch of energy to get to the better gear. And still no 6* gear.

We complained that milestones were too high especially for new players. <<<<< You didn’t lower level up milestones but made changes to how many points you get when leveling up. No changes made to raid even though you guys increased the milestones without anything being different for raids. The increase in points was nice and I’m sure more people will be able to hit 2 million in level up but it wasn’t really what we were asking for.

We’ve asked for better prizes in events. <<<< The prizes kept getting worse and worse. Especially during wars which is what everyone looks forward to.

With these changes you guys are making, people are quitting left and right. We don’t feel like you are really listening to us or you just don’t care. And a lot of people are finding it hard to spend money and support this game that is just slapping us in the face over and over and over again. You guys need to start really listening to what we are asking for. If you aren’t 100% sure, ask us more questions. Try to understand exactly what we want/need to make this game more enjoyable.



Very nice summary. Hits the nails in the coffin…really hard.
They are listening…but draw very…irritating…conclusions.

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ur barrow nickname?

Rack :slight_smile:

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Well that’s Scopley for ya.

“You need more gear maps for gear? All right… we’ll just put out the ultimate gear maps every week, but only give you a chance to get the gear you need in a mystery bag, and decrease the energy per level to 16 and make it all walkers now.”

“You need more food? Okay… we’ll add food bags to the prizes.”

Scopley does the opposite of what we ask for, so if you need a certain change, ask for the opposite of what your asking for. If you want more trainers, ask for 5* tokens etc.