Unused territories

Every weekend you should have these unused territories open would like to see some good stuff like event tokens,medals etc… (I only seen them open a few times since you introduced us to territories cmon scopely open em all


Even one or two at a time.
The times there’s been an event on has been the most active faction swapping I’ve seen - even if the top 2-3 factions hold the special all weekend it means the rest of us get to compete over the others

My personal preference would be to open each territory for 12 hours in a rolling pattern with good prizes - char tokens, gold coins… wood nuggets.

the least territories i have to worry about the better.

I’m not sure if you mean fighting each other in an attempt to take over the territory or if you are suggesting that the two factions are working together to keep everyone else out.

If it’s the latter I can assure that this is not the case.

If it’s the former than I can assure that this is the name of the game and what you’re supposed to be doing in the first place.

Edit to add that if it’s a feeder faction and the main faction going back and forth with one another then obviously what was said above doesn’t apply.

A couple of other ideas for territory bonuses:

One that drops gloves/shirts instead of tokens the longer you hold it
One that increases the SPEED of crafting, like the ones that speed up training and building
One that drops prestige tokens instead of elite item tokens or 4* tokens


Nice options.

The former.
That’s why I think it’s a good idea :confused:

Edit: I feel assured