Unused arrows and hats

unused will convert to ?

Bad memory’s


They go into the abyss like plushies, Petes keys and gold bars/knives, keep surviving.


Nothing in this game automatically converts to anything else, except tokens used in the recruits & rewards part of the game, and for those it always explicitly states what they convert to.

That said, technically all hats and bears are unused (or used, depending on your perspective); they don’t get consumed in any way, just counted. This is how missions work; think back to Pathways for example, where you got rewards for collecting the roadmap energy, but that did not use them - it still counted them if you used them to run the roadmap, and being counted did not prevent you from using them to run the roadmap, Arrows do get consumed both by the roadmap and the museum collections, as do silver quills and tickets, but gold quills work like hats and bears

So in theory, all hats, bears and gold quills are still there; and Scopely could use a museum collection or roadmap to allow you to use them. I would not bet on it though.

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Idk. They were handed out for free so don’t expect much.

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Thank you. I don’t know where people started to think that everything we collect gets exchanged for something. Only when it explicitly states it has an exchange do we get anything for it and that is pretty much exclusively tokens for wheels or stashes.


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