Untraining a toons skills

Not sure if this has been suggested before but It would be good if we could adjust the slider backward to untrain a rush / active skill lets say for strategic purposes i.e. not wanting it to go off on turn 1 or 2.

Eg. from An active skill that is leveled to 8/8 to 5/8 perhaps.


It has bud :crossed_fingers:

You fall to that bleed war hah .
You should’ve never upgrade your Mercer AS
Anyway he’s a trash now

Not trash just no longer meta at the higher level…
But yea should have never ranked his as skill told people not to and they called me stupid lol

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well laopo actually… i want her to rush turn 2 for my attack but she does exhaust. Im not as concerned about dr stevens as much now so it wld be good to tweak it to accomodate different strategies.

It would help anyone to play around with different options not just those who screwed up on their mercers. im sure there are other toons as well… maybe removing AR from frost or even command rick.

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Be like me I maxed Ar on only one Mercer😂

AS and rush lvl is part of a strategy… if you failed to see the reasons to level them or not, imo, there’s no reason you have the chance to undo.
This is not new, we are used to it since back to 5* days when we didn’t lvl shields rushes.

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I also wish there were an event to reset rings. I know this would be very unlikely but with how hard it is to get them, it would be so nice to take back our old rings we used it on like 6*s

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Strategies can change with different team setups. i like to experiment with different teams and my teams are unconventional.

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It wouldn’t be so bad if the jerks would get off their duffs and fix the Auto play mechanics. You got toons using AS when it’s not even needed.

But I think it would be nice to to Un-level AS and Vet Ring levels.

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