Unreal.best support answer yet

So i just started upgradeing my second decap Michonne. Then noticed the flag crates are still broken. So i contacted support and asked whats up with the crates ? The answered me i was compensated for one Michonne . The one everyone got. And the one i payed to get… well to bad she stays tier1 forever… no flags no money back for the useless char. Great job guys ! Keep up the good work !

What michonne?

Dual Skill Michonne maybe.

@GR.Scopely Now this is strange. I am a f2p that had no bug on crates. I also got lucky by pulling a Michonne, so I have 2 Michonnes, had enough flags to upgrade both and still have hundreds of crates to open.

My p2p team mate had the crate bug (flags didnt count when open boxes). He got the first michonne (reward from the event), then he bought second michonne.
Now, he still has the bug where crates doesnt reward flags, he got compensation (like we all did) for upgrading 1 michonne, but he is stuck for upgrading the second.

Support was useless. What can he do in this case?

Complain a month ago when the event was still running???
Sorry, not trying to be a bitter pill. Just odd to see this thread now. Weird too… I had the bug, but when they gave compensation, they also fixed the crates; at least when I checked/opened new ones they were all good.
Could your friend have opened old crates?? The bugged crates remained bugged; maybe try opening crates all the way to the right as you scroll? Maybe it’s a mixed bag of bad/good crates…

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