Unprepared support

So a month ago, I’ve been asking for help for Scopely, to help me, because my account is in an endless cycle of recharge, and they always tell me they’re checking, that shit completed 1 month yesterday

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Seriously man, are you this addicted to a mobile game when you can’t play and desperately wait that it runs again since a whole month?! Wow… Not sure if serious or if this is just sad…! You should uninstall the game and enjoy your free time! People can say what they want about this company BUT if they don’t help or even reset your account since a month then it’s about damn time to get rid of this nonsense. I mean it’s a fücking mobil game not anything else that adds something to life.

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Sir, this is not nice to say, this is more than a game, this is amazingness made by the great scopely, it must hurt to be away from scopelys awesomeness for a months time.


You are so angry my friend, video games are for fun not to be serious and make you angry

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Just have fun and lay off scopely


Not angry, I am amused by your “effort” today.

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What do you mean by this? I dont understand, no effort, i am just doing my job good sir.

Time and energy invested and above that if money has been spent they should do their jobs and help. After all they are here for support. Don’t grief the guy for scopes negligence

It’s not a matter of vice, I invest money in it, so I want help with my account, will you reimburse me?

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Way to go guys…poor guy just wants his game to work…that is all…he has waited a month…i doubt he sat around biting his nails over it.

I hope it starts working for you soon sir.


You’re obviously F2P. Maybe he has spent thousands in this game. It’s harder to let go when you’re not F2P

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you must write to support that if they arent willing to help you with their game and bugs you will demand a full refund… and that is the last thing that you should do with this game. i would be happy with such an outcome.

I am about to do the same, have spent a bunch of money on this game and I don’t get mine repaired I am going to decline all the money I have spent

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That’s your opinion. I see this differently, if you spent thousands then you surely didn’t put the effort into this game than a F2P probably has since +3 yrs.

@Rick_the_prick, BUT you see in OPs posting they didn’t do their job as expected. I as a customer would stop using their “service” and get rid of this after a month of desperately waiting.

You people need to realize you have nothing of value when spending thousands for toons and what not.

But I’m number 1 with my s-class bruh! Everyone cares if i win in RTS

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Care to despise you

No, this game is important to everyone, go ahead, go to a boss and tell him you won TOC, you will get a raise. Tell a group of girls or guys you defended a raid, you will get all their phone numbers. Tell you parents you pulled the new s-class toon and they will say “wow we are so proud of you!” This game is very important in real life

Support is truly useless.
They couldn’t help me when they took my money and didn’t receive my items.
Good luck dealing with these bellends.

un prepared un support

not using support! they dont support you!

I think they realized that long ago but do not care.
Pointing out the obvious is just lame.