Unpopular Opinion - Hordes is a fresh new feel to the game

At the moment all I’m seeing is the following topics.

  • Hordes is too hard, can’t beat teams… I lose always.
  • Rewards sucks!!!
  • Not enough energy!

Only 1 of them is valid in my opinion.

Energy. It’s a bit of a con that it’s costing a ton of gold for refills but other than that, it is what it is.

It is not too hard, there are many ways to beat teams. This mode requires half a brain and tactic thinking. There are anti heal tools and decap walkers. There are walkers who can absorb damage for your damage dealers, walkers who can spawn other walkers.

This outcry I’m seeing is from players who are mainly f2p or lazy players who hate being challenged. No different to when mods first came out and everyone was crying mods are op this isn’t fair can’t beat the spenders now. 6 months later players eventually earned the mods and now have a fairer balance.

Rewards… if you grind this out there is an entire stash filled with legendary gear, a 6 star and legendary trainers… what rewards are you looking for exactly?

Scopely, I love this mode, it’s a slower pace, requires tactical thinking and is just plain fun. Almost hit my 150k milestone.

Literally my only complaint is no packs to buy refills but then, it’s early days and I’m sure over time they’ll add bundles and deals.

Suck it up people and start figuring tactics out, requesting to be spoon fed rewards is really pathetic.


now back to bed child


Only thing I have come across is when you spawn a walker that can’t be seen like a whisperer but is the only one on the field then the team can still attack it like what the heck

its like in the series.
nothing, nothin, nothing… bam, out of nowhere 20 walkers in 3 m distance.


I hope they keep the elite character tokens this time, not remove them like they did with Onslaught, they’re hen’s teeth anywhere else and there are some toons you can’t get elsewhere in that wheel. I’m FTP and actually enjoying the different challenge, it actually requires a lot more strategic thought than raids (which are “pray that toon is badly hurt enough to be finished by your decap”). I like it.

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I can’t stand it, only reason I can’t stop is I was pushing for league promotion, geez I picked the wrong week :frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning:

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Yes if spend everything in this game is always easier you make a valid point there. Also is it not lazy to get wallet out to get ahead what skill is in that? But again what do i know. I also do hope you get them offers your after I mean that have nothing against spenders just there aditude to other players.

But how many pulls at all that gear + toon do you think youl get for the stash?

Wonder what league your in…

Plat 2. I am not unbeaten either, there have been a few I failed too. Not going to moan about it, it’s new, there is going to be an ever evolving meta. So far I have found a very strong walker setup

Must be in bronze lol

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I think it’s a bit early to condemn it and like everything in the game success can be bought, so that is no reason for the dislike.

The test defences is a good idea and why that was never included when they added friendly duels I don’t get. You can pick 29 other faction teams so why not your own ?

The ta-daa moments seem worse when you have to sit and watch all your enemies rushes for 10 seconds, maybe it just seems worse because you only see the other sides as walkers don’t get them. But that is one of my gripes of the game in general, having to watch claim … 1 … 2 … 3 … claim … ta-daa you have collected 100k food. If that happened every time i was given a cup of tea It wouldn’t take 3 years before I was screaming “Just give me the ****ing cup”

Hopefully rewards will improve and people may enjoy it more when they get used to it.

You should honestly make a video… in diamond, just woke up. Failed 4 out of 6. Endless revive, guardians and bonus hp…

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So you get 7 pulls from “stash” if you are lucky enough to win first…woooo how much would you spend to get that…silly to me to think that is worth it.

Yes there are random battle items you can get…but did you see me say “random”… so with a little luck you can get them…

Ohhh wait why spend everything gets reset when this event comes back…

My problem with it is that it’s an entirely different type of game of which there are many on playstore which I choose not to play.
If not choosing to play this one which I don’t like is going to impact on my ability to progress in the one that I do, that cannot be right.
Retirement beckons if this proves to be the case.

There’s nothing fresh about this, just a copy and paste from other games that we have already installled, played for 2 mins and deleted

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Hidden gets counters by focus

I will be using all my energy, I will not be nearing the Top 5 or the top milestone. My weekend goes purely into trophies. This isn’t good enough for any tourney lastng longer than 24 hours, let alone the weekend tourney. I want to see rank rewards for everyone same as war, raid, SR and level.

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Not going grind it out for a toon worse then gen 1

It’s not just f2p players having issues. Most folks in the diamond leagues are going up against all revives so there’s no strategy that works with how the hoards currently work. I’m a pretty strong player and am lucky if I come across a team that I have a shot at with my cards. There’s nothing to “suck up” and figure out, it’s just a new event that will need tweaking just like all new events do.

Personally, I do really like the idea and concept of hoards, it just needs some tweaking to balance it out.

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revs and blue hp need be blocked from it only way you can have it is by item on your def be a very very rare drop