Unplayable Regions

On two of my regions on my account, about 1 minute or so after switching to that region, the game resets and loads again. It then continues on this cycle in a perpetual loop and i dont know what to do about it. It’s stopping me from claiming my league coins and rewards, along with other rewards, and prevents me from being able to do anything, as after a minute, it crashes and restarts. Is there a fix for this? Does anyone else have this issue or know a way around it? Ive put in three tickets with support and all they have said is that they are concluding this report and “taking it to the team”, and that was over a week ago. Any help or advice would be great. Thanks.

I’ve had the same issue last week. When I wanted to claim rewards game resets and starts again, had to join a faction play a few mins then claiming the rewards while being still in faction. After that it worked normal again.


Ive tried going to another faction. Twice on each one and still nothing. Just constantly resets over and over. Thanks anyways man


Try going to a different region & create an account, go through tutorial & when its finished go back to your main account. There was something similar that happened to a couple people & that cleared it up. Not sure if its the same case, but worth a try.


Ill try it, and let you know, thanks bud.

Beta region error, need help Do you play in beta?

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Have you opened a ticket with support? You can do it from the website, https://scopely.com/customer-support

If support isn’t able to help, @GR.Scopelyshould be able to escalate. He’ll need your in game name, faction, region, level to find the ticket.

Yes, but only just recently and the issue isnt with my beta region, but with my region in Dillon.

Nope, still just reseting. Thank you anyways man.

Search for the term ‘toaster’. You will fond instructions.

What am l looking for exactly lol?

If you are on beta the beta code can still affect your other regions

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Is there any way to fix this?

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Don’t be in beta.


Fuck. Can i get rid of the beta region or anything?

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Thank you man, I appreciate it

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Don’t get too excited,I don’t even know if it works


Alright, ill look into it further then. But its a start

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Good luck.

I just had this report from someone in my faction:

“Game really shitty tonight. I get kicked out of the game every 3-4 minutes. Anyone else having a similar issue? It has never been this bad before.”

I’m pretty sure she is not on beta either

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