Unofficial TOC round 2 results (for people who just want results)



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Great to see Barrow there! Been a while since I’ve had a look at the game but they must have some killer factions!

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TOC is :poop:.


Does this show the factions originally knocked out but added back to second round? I am wondering if they advanced.

That’s the wildcard bracket. The losers from round 1.

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So did the ones that everyone complained about make it to the next. I wasn’t really paying attention, since I wasn’t in it.

Interesting that ttt eg and AP were placed in brackets where they wouldn’t encounter each other till the finals… pure coincidence I’m sure


They weren’t ‘placed’ in these regions they chose to move to them when ToC regions were announced.

Right but the brackets were set after they chose their regions


True. And when AP were eliminated round 1 Scopes decided to create a wildcard bracket and stick them back in :woman_shrugging: I guess they know players like a show.

Edit: i had a complete brain fart moment there.


Well, Bell showed everyone just how ridiculous round 1 was by absolutely destroying the other regions.


The whole tournament is ridiculous lbr. We’re out because our region was rank 3 whilst my faction placed 2nd. @JB.Scopely Can we get a wildcard tourny too or nah?


Calling it here Bell and Rockdale will be the two winning wildcards

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Round one was rediculous most players saw the flaw with one vs one format…there is a reason after first crw they never did it again…until round 1 of this dumb tournament. I believe bell lee and Chambers belong in the finals and deserve to be there I was just noting the way the brackets were set basically assured that the top three factions will face off in the finals and seems like a dirty move by the tournament organizers

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Perhaps you should go and see how many points Columbia scored…

That’s how most tournaments work. The highest “seeds” only play at the end.

Nba NFL nhl…the strongest teams can all be in one division or conference or whatever and only one is able to reach the finals because they have to compete against one another on their path to winning it all

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Seeing how there was no official seeding in this case to me it seems the tournament was designed to get the teams they wanted in the finals while passing it off as random bracket placement


Its most active regions that will take it. We all know the probable regions to win, and it doesn’t have too much to do with the top factions there.