Unlock Greenville this time

Let’s remember to unlock Greenville this time not repeat of your open to transfers 2 hours after there closed


Yes please!!


I been trying to escape since last transfer.



@GR.Scopely look into this please. Dont let them be locked out again!!

Greenville isn’t showing on my in game transfer list
Nor is Williamson

Scopley you can’t make the same mistake twice you guys said all regions in wave 3 y’all put Greenville up to be able to transfer and we were still locked fix this

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Yes please. This is the second transfer we’ve been screwed out of, please make this right.

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It’s happening again I can feel it

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@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

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Lewis is meant to be open too, please open, we have bought keys

williamson too

it’s a holiday monday so bet there will be no response until Tuesday, a few hours before it ends

Have a mistake like giving players thousands of coins and it gets fixed within hours. Mess up a region transfer for the 2nd time in a row and its ignored. I bet if all members of greenville accidentally got coins instead of their region opening up, this problem would be fixed by now


So true!

Yeah this is ridiculous. This region is dead and is starting to drag us down with it

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