Unlock bead territories

War is your “pinnacle” event, why not open these areas and give us something to fight for between queues?

Nah itll just be a mess

They were open last war weekend, one of the few things that wasn’t a mess.

Last I checked 1 faction having a territory for the entirety of the event is a mess.

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Well the last bead ones I think there four…

Meh. I’d rather them open S Class item territories. Beads are worthless to me now as I have enough beads for my final roadmap. Also there’s likely one roadmap left, two tops, so beads aren’t going to help much now

My statement stands. 1 faction holds 1 the whole time.

They’re trying to figure out if it’s possible to open up half of 1 territory for us

Am 10 opens away from unlocking said map…

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