Unlinking game from Facebook

Could you please tell me if I unlink my game from my Facebook account will the next time I log into my game will the link device button be highlighted again. Basically to be able to link the game to another Facebook account.

cant do… once linked in one acco of fb thats perminent

If you are on Android its possible. Clear Data and cache and redownload the game.

Should make you play through the tutorial and can link to a different account then

but you cant get your current game there then, that would be new one

That does not happen, you have to relink game on other device then it will be gone.

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Wish I hadn’t linked to my main Facebook acct but oh well.

I’ve never had an issue. I flip accounts all the time

I’ll do some more educating on it and get back to you I see in Facebook where I can remove the app from Facebook I might try another situation and see what happens to that before I do my own thank you very much for the replies

wouldn’t it be great if a scopely employee or service rep was around to answer these type of questions.


how you think they could reply for these?? they just don’t know… players guess is more accrue info

Maybe try making a new fb account and linking the game you want to the account you need. I am not sure if it’s possible tbh but it’s the only suggestion i can think of.

Support said they can’t unlink your Facebook account nor can they tell you to which Facebook account your game is linked.

Even worse removing the game from your Facebook account doesn’t remove the link on Scopelys side.

It would be great to have an alternative way to save your game or link it to google or whatever in case you loose or delete your Facebook account.

Thank you very much for that because I just came across that in Facebook you can remove any app that’s attached to it but now that you’re saying that even if it’s gets removed scopely doesn’t recognize it

And to be honest with you to the guy said something about selling. But probably a year ago I bought an account for Lincoln and in the end all I had to do was send the seller my Facebook information and he somehow got his game attached to my Facebook and then I change the password and I went through the tutorial and. I’m just not sure how he did it. Someone else posted something about erasing data and cache and maybe tricking the phone into thinking that it doesn’t have a link and refreshing it that way