Unlink FB option


Has anyone actually tried it yet? Does it just remove your FB account from your game? It seems this could cause a lot of extra issues.


Yeah, I’m waiting to hear from people post unlinking to see what happens next.

Won’t unlink my account though, really don’t see the point, unless my Facebook got trashed & I had to make a new account.


It works fine, I unliked mine.


It also worked fine for me


In August last year I have created an account by facebook for the first time, because I wanted have the possibility to save this game, but I have used my player-name. Because this I did not get the possibility to create a new password, because Facebook accept only real-names. Later I have create an account by Facebook with my real name.

Now I have unlink the old account and have linked the game with the new Facebook-account. It works. Now I can play the game on smartphone and - more important - on tablet too.

Thank you for the information I was waiting for so long.

PS: my native language is german, and my englisch is not so good.


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