Unlimited greed!

You will be buying a subscription SURVIVORS CLUB ?

  • Yes
  • No

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114 comics, minimum six per week so 19 weeks and you can have her maxed.

5 months will do it, if you’re lucky then 4 months is more likely.

Many have spent more than a 4/5 month subscription on pulls and not got a shield. If you’re willing to spend that, its not terrible.

Personally though, I’m almost certainly not subscribing.


The first pic with 20 comics was a best case assumption. I think they finally managed enough comics to get a peek at how many was needed. Bleah

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I contacted the administration of VK. They explained that 20 it was an optimistic assumption. Now received reliable information that 40 pieces.

Doubt it. Vk is usually pretty accurate. More accurate than scopely. They just decided to change it with less than 24 hours after everyone got charged

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Oh. That’s reckless. Well 25 bucks out the window. Thanks for the info. Still pretty ridiculous for a 22 comic jump. Now we know why we never received any info. Classic.

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tbf my subscription was cancelled almost immediately after the Andrea cock up, the fact you’d need the subscription for the best part of half a year to make her usable is enough evidence to me that I made the right call.

I don’t mind spending, I do mind being dicked about by money hungry sharks


There will be special road maps aside from the weekly roadmap that we will get im pretty sure about this

Where is the guarantee? They were not on beta, not sure that they will be here.

Lits of memberships that would give more entertainment than a pixel

Keep on surviving :joy::joy::joy::+1:t2:

24.99 for 3months PS+
24.99 for 3months Xbox live
12.99 per month amazon prime
15.00 per month HBO
10.99 per month Netflix
9.99 per month pornhub


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And that’s where the legendary gear rd map will be

Yeah no, fuck this.
Once again, the whole “Dual skills Andrea” thing is nothing but a complete cash grab. The increase of the needed amount of comics is nothing but yet another spit in the faces of fanbase. They are basically saying: “You don’t like the way our Andrea should be leveled? Fine, then you will HATE IT!” The beta version of the club had daily roadmaps and daily radios which could help you level her. Here, however, not only are these roadmaps absent, but the amount of comics needed is INCREASED which is an utterly spiteful move from Scopely.


Excellent, I’m so happy everyone’s quitting…my Andrea team will be unique and I will destroy you all (except for the other non-whining sexy beasts like me)…

Thanks keep on perishing…!!!

why would anyone pay for pornhub subscription? :confused:


So it’s Scopely’s fault you relied on information obtained from the game by Russian hackers? Otherwise show me where Scopely confirmed the amount of comics prior to this so called “increase”

The worst thing is that despite all the requests of the players. Spopels still have not given us any information … why then this forum if not for that?


I totally agree it is shady that they didn’t confirm, that’s why I cancelled outright - not getting into a subscription without knowing what is at the end


Well don’t need Andrea myself might get it if they put other characters a good decap or something. So nah

Where is the other “exclusive content”? Is it the 4* pulls from the wheel of shame? I have only seen 1 roadmap.

Extra materials? Seriously see no benefit from being in this “exclusive” club.