Universal S-Class Currency Needed

Dear Scopely,

The S-Class museum collections, recurring roadmaps, event awards, and wheel rewards for collection items are a great way to keep us engaged daily; however, the amount of differing currencies is limiting and unnecessary. Can you please consider a universal currency that we can use for all S-class museum collections? Allow players to trade in their existing ice cream cones, bullets, blue keys, cakes, etc 1:1 for the new currency and it will allow us players to afford toons sooner and stay on top of our collections. It will simplify things and allow you to free up space. Please consider this modification, thanks in advance.


This would be amazing.

But haven’t you heard, balancing game economies is an art and a science.

I’m afraid your request for consideration is unlikely to align with where we are all headed for the future.


I strongly agree to this. Compelting all these confusing collectibles is jsut so annoying.


That is why it will never happen, and why they didn’t do so in the first place


Unfortunately it won’t bring any profit so they intentionally gate everything they can for the inconvenience for customers to spend.
Sleazy company.

But it would be nice.


I said this initially but I think the choice boxes are the next best thing. All they need to do is clean up loose collections (war crates, rank rewards, territories - hopeful plural) and put the boxes instead

Maybe then they could add a small excess collection for the relevant gear needed to upgrade


It’s always compromise with you Parker.

Great idea but will never happen. The whales who buy the S class toons get all these extra items. They can then turn them in to get the new S class for free.

Choice boxes are great. They should even use them in the tournaments. They also need to clean up the museum and make a tab for events and S class. That would make it easier to follow.


The relative values of each currency are way out of whack, there’s neither science nor art here.

A 4* trainer is worth 4,300 depot points.
A 3* trainer is worth 35,000 SR points.

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.


Well there’s plenty other radical alternatives on here. I’ll come at the angle of just fine-tuning what I’m given

Ask yourself the golden question will your idea:

  • make them more money
  • make them less money

And you will have your answer


It’s less work for them tho in the long run so they could work on other things.

Cakes bullets etc…he is suggesting take these away add up what ever we have in a single pile.
Ok I got 10k s-class tokens I can now choose 1 S-class guy.

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Very little coding in that but it will be interesting to see how they going to handle when they get to like s class number 20.

More currencies equals more buckets…

There are…‘business reasons’ that would explain why they won’t do this.

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