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These are just my ideas… but I thought it might help to make some suggestions that (as far as I see it) could help create a better experience for everyone.

These are purely things that I’ve mulled around my head, not 100% fleshed out ideas so feel free to make suggestions.

At the minute the main focus is 100% on new OP characters, and every few months they have to take a step up in terms of power or they’ll simply not be good enough anymore. It’s an unsustainable road, it requires constant expansion which can’t be maintained without going to ridiculous lengths.

So… first suggestion… use these new veteran rings that we’ve seen the screenshots for, and use them as the new focus instead of new toons… I’ll explain… :slight_smile:

Lower the price of premier toons by a considerable amount - I’m talking 75% or so… make it 50 coins per pull or less, open up the chance to get new toons to mid level and low level spenders a lot more.
( possibly limit the amount of duplicates that could be pulled too, 2 max maybe?)

…and for F2P It would make league placing much more important. If you knew you could get a 10 pull every week with coins left over just by competing and placing well in leagues, you’d probably see a lot more competition across the board. You could even save up a few weeks and try a 40 pull.

The real determination of a powerful team would fall to upgrading said toons to ‘Veteran’ status using the rings. Make rings only available from events (all events!)… make winning an event mean something again!

So whilst I might be able to grind away for a few weeks and acquire a Zach or Payback Negan and go some way to ‘Veteran-ing’ them up without spending… they won’t be as powerful as a fully veteran’d up version.
People who do spend will obviously have an advantage, as not only will they likely spend on new toons, but they’ll likely acquire veteran rings at a faster rate due to scoring higher in events. So you maintain the advantage that spenders have over F2P (because that has to stay), but enables non spenders or small spenders the opportunity to find a level playing field at some point.

I honestly think we need to move away from the instant gratification of, new op toon, must be levelled up to max as quickly as possible, roll out for war… rinse and repeat the next week with another new OP toon. It should be a longer process… so consistent winning means an advantage.

Along side this… the war wheel…
For a start tokens should be a constant item… no more swapping out for crappy SD points (I haven’t had a war wheel pull for months because they keep resetting and there’s been a couple of times I’ve not been able to war due to real life and never quite reached the 100 mark!!).
Have a set roster in the war wheel that only includes relatively recent prem toons… say… a set of maybe 10 toons, the newest of which will be no more than a month old… as a new prem is released it starts a countdown to when it enters the war wheel… so everyone knows what’s in there and when certain toons will drop out. Hell you could even ask us in polls which toons we’d like to keep and drop?

If we’re taking the focus of power away from the actual toons themselves with Veteran Rings, it then stops this issue of Scopely not wanting to give away the nice toons so easily in favour of selling them for ridiculous prices - which equates to a happier player base (imo).

Obviously as new toons come out they’ll have new and better attributes/specialst skills etc etc… but doing it this way would mean that if I don’t want to spend, I can still grind away and Veteran max out my Gen 1 6* Wyatt who - with his new boosted stats, is capable of giving brand new gen2 / gen3 6* 'S’class Mandy The Destroyer with super delux specialst skill - a damn good run for her money if she isn’t also maxed out.

As an example.If I want new OP toon #67 with Payback 2 and a 5000% atk! (sic)
I have options…

1.Spend on coins, do pulls, acquire said toon, spend on events to get rings as fast as possible, level up to veteran max and enjoy the advantage my spending has bought me.

2.Maybe spend a little on coins and pulls, if I get luck happy days, if not, compete in events, pick up a few veteran rings… place in leagues, watch videos and do free offers - attain coins that way, do more pulls until I get said toon, level up to Veteran max over a slightly longer period of time due to not spending much in events and not placing as high as whales. Still enjoy an advantage over some other low level spenders and F2P and also be able to compete somewhat with the whales.

  1. Spend nothing, compete in events, pick up a few Veteran Rings, place in leagues,videos and free offers etc… save up coins along the way and either try pulls or save up war tokens and pull for newer toons that way. They wont be the newest and greatest, but you won’t get left behind.

So as a result… whales keep their spending advantage, mid and low level spenders can still compete at the top levels, and F2P can at least contend with everyone else.

And don’t forget that F2P will mostly likely hammer the coin videos and free offers to get coins which also contributes money to scopely… so I think it’s fair that F2P get access to newer toons more often… aaaaaand… as a side note, it would mean that everyone isn’t quite so annoyed when you don’t release a legacy 6* for ages… because there’ll be plenty of toons available. So you could take your time and make the legacy toons a little more special, maybe make a little event around each one as it gets released?

Make the business model about lots and lots of small spending rather than a just few big spenders.

Anyway… that’s my 2 cents… add more or rework if you feel so inclined.

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