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With the new year kicking off with gen 2 legendaries, I feel as if were heading in the right direction. Theres always room for improvement, but I feel its lacking with these weapons. Sure some people have unique weapon traits such as Bluechonne, Harper and Cole but that’s it. We were introduced to mods in the second half of last year and it has its pros and cons. Sure we cannot reset them but it’s still an improvement from what it was. I think the next step with mods is to have these new gen 2 legends with unique mods or plainly come out with unique mods in general. I could already see the possibilities with these.

Examples: Guaranteed double attack, Permanent focus, Ignore def stat when attacking, Retaliate when being attacked,

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no please no


Retaliate when being attacked is basically lightening reflexes

Ignore defence stat when attacking would that be mods or the full shibang which would basically be a one shot.

I would mind a mod blocker where mods don’t work that would be interesting

How about no…

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How about a disarm resist mod? That would be pretty effective against any team running Disarms these days.

Certainly would be an interesting one but would that be just disarming that toon would be resisted or would that mean the disarm toon could get stunned if that toon had the mod and a red stun gun

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The character resists the disarm meaning the weapon can still proc, lol. Don’t know exactly how it would work, but still feel like it’d be a good idea. Not too sure if they want to add more mods this late into the game, though.

Disarm resist will come the day after a disarm is released with no strings ala the free revive/next day decapitate deal


How about a mod where it has a chance to stun when defending only to toons with disarm but it can only be for toons with locked weapons

This would drive wedge even further. I would rather have the armory updated. LIke instead of -30def. … maybe have something like cause -70 Def for 3 turns. Or 60%attack for 3 turns. With all the resist mods for stun it’s way less useful. I would definitely consider going for other specials
I don’t think having legands come with equipped weapons and mods is a step in the right direction unless you wanna see more people quit

We need a mod that reflects 2,000% damage 100% of the time, I feel like this is reasonable and I want it, so therefore it should be implemented.


Theres a market for this since all the revives



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