Uninstalled and reinstalled and now i cant get back into my account

Ok someone i know uninstalled and reinstalled their game. The problem is it started her over in a new region and she cant get back into her old account she was just in. What does she need to do, she has tried everything

That is called a blessing.

Is she linked the Facebook?

She used her google account when she started

Shoulda just left it uninstalled, tbf.


Everyome in my faction that transfered is stuck in the transfer window dor over an hour. The few that made it keep getting rebooted mid war

Unfortunately I don’t think linking to Google will bring it back. If she has a receipt for anything from the game then Support can reinstate it

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She has made purchases and sent in verification for those, so im hoping they can help her out before war is over, been working on this since before war started

She’s better off than some people in the same situation then, it may take some time but she should get it back, soon hopefully :slight_smile:

Can you please ask them to temporarily set their defense and friendly defense to their main raid team, wait a few minutes, then do a raid, then set defense back? This might not do anything, but I know raid matchups are sometimes farked up when you transfer and this would reset that, and update the player account in some way.

This woman has done everything she can to get her account back and im afraid its to late for her as far as war goes to even try to get anything this weekend which sucks because shes a good player and ive been locked out before its an awful feeling when you invest so much time and sometimes money into something and then when you need help cant get it. And i understand what day and time it is, but still it sucks

For her, she’s already done what needs to be done. Open a support ticket on the device where she wants her account. Establish ownership by providing the information support requests (including screenshot of a receipt). Wait for support to put the account back on the device.

This should be a routine fix support does often, but it does take time. I’m pretty sure she’ll be good to go within 12 hours, but that’s just based on what other people told me how long it takes.

It didnt help any of us but big thank you for trying to help us

Ok, best thing to try at this point is everyone having issues note the time of a crash/reset, open a support ticket and tell them briefly and politely what’s going on. If enough tickets get opened for a widespread problem, support may have a way to page our the developers for troubleshooting.

12 hours, it took me 2 days when I transferred my account. But there is no better feeling than seeing your account after those tense hours of waiting.

She is back in, ive been there before i know how it can be if things get lost in transition, but she is good now, thanks

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