Unicorns and Rainbows is recruiting 3b

Unicorns and Rainbows is recruiting for 3 new members. Must be active, especially during faction events. Meme is the leader, I’m co-lead. It’s Wave 3b. And it’s a pretty small but active region. Hit me up if your interested! Thanks! FB_IMG_1496508335355 FB_IMG_1496508351508


Do you have bang energy rainbow unicorn on tap?


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What region?

I believe they still in Morgan :slight_smile:

Good to see you are still alive and kicking!

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Thank you. And yes still in Morgan!


Aww that’s unusual and eerily pretty…

Why sure! Lol.

I’d join you just for the name alone :joy:
But wave 1 are stuck like chuck :sleeping:

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