Unhappy in your current faction or region?


I play in a friendly region that’s currently drama and troll free. Last aow we had 23 factions warring and we want this to be 25 - 27.

Many to most in our region drop defenses to cater the weaker and to speed up the needed time to hit milestones. The current number 1 also have some players dropping def in war.

Next to this we have a teambuild chat for the region and will help each other when possible.

When this is what you are looking for msg me.
Is it either solo, group or faction, we can help you find a home to enjoy.

Have a good day


Here I’ll bump for you


Hiya what region are you in? We are currently going through a change in our faction and are looking to start a fresh n build ourselves up again.


Good luck… buttttttt. It sounds like they are planning to stop AOW all together.


god I hope so …


Where did you hear this? Is this just from rumors on that event with transfers or actual info from scopes or cm?


Jb posted it recently in his update of the complaints. It’s in the last update notes I believe.


I remember i believe bane suggesting something like that and him posting a detective sticker or something but dont remember more than that ill take a looksy. Wouldn’t mind blitz inner region and crw only with better prizes tho. Odds of that all taking place who knows



It makes sense that it should only be CRW or blitz from now on, factions transfers means an entire region can empty in a matter of minutes and not lose progress in leagues.
That said, rewards HAVE to be and MUST be better for ranks 7-25 in CRW.


Yep. I never understood their reward structure. It doesn’t cost them anything and it would increase activity and canning/coining in war. Very odd that with 8 regions the prizes after top 6 are so lackluster.


Cool thanks i was thinking of the original thread about update when he dropped the hint about the trans region. I guess we shall soon find out


I hope we keep aow. Just less often is fine.