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Can I please ask that European time zones are considered going forward. In UK the Blitz started at 10pm which leaves an hour or so, for people who work, to participate in war. Then the blitz finished now at 7pm and people are usually home from work between 5:30-6:30pm, which leaves them very little (if any) time to participate. Now, I get that you are unable to make everyone happy, but what about having events running for 24hrs and giving each time zone the same benefits? Is it not possible to have an event finishing and another starting at the same time? I am just getting really annoyed with having to choose between sleep and events when surely there are things that can be done to make this better for everyone? If I can’t participate, why would I continue playing and spending my money on this game?


No, has been asked a million times and they frankly dont give a fuck about anything other than USA.

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The issue with running 24 hour events is that there would be no gap between events to allow people to change factions, remove players from factions, etc.

They could make it happen if they so choose. They apparently choose not to. They made the schedule.

Move to the USA. Problem solved :+1::joy:

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a consultation and when the schedule favored you? I think it’s been like 2 years? please be empathetic

Why not just stagger the event start times, no one really cares when they start just the fact that they are not 24 hours.

Just start the next one 1 hour after the last one ended if that is critical to reward calculation etc.

Blitz should have finished at 10pm (uk) and SR starting at 11pm (uk).

Yes we will miss the start but we will have after work tomorrow to catch that up.

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Just alternate solo and faction events. Easy.

Then people would complain about too many solos because faction would be skewed via war, cross region war, and blitz war

Yeah but people will always find something to complain about. Everyone round here is a bloody Goldilocks…


To be fair, it’s not entirely clear the care about inside the USA either

Or have 23 hour events instead of 21. That way scopes still have their allocated start time since it’s obviously important to the them.

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You should be locked into your faction for the week or the month and then do all the events with that faction! All the faction hopping, and weapon crafting factions, and faction assault farmers need to chill out and pick one faction and then they could run events back to back to back to back. But someone will always complain :man_facepalming::roll_eyes:

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Because you want to be stuck with some guy who retired as dead weight for a month?

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