Unforeseen consequences


This is a really more a bump. Leagues have ruined the territory concept. No-one wants to claim any territories any longer because they get sacked the moment they are taken. So now in both wheeler and pike I have seen nothing but white wastelands of walkers. No one gets tokens anymore. IS this your intention or an unforeseen consequence. I seriously hope it’s the latter, because if not that’s a really D move you put on us. I can see both sides. Force everyone’s out of territories and now start charging again for 4 and 5 tokens and increase the monetization of the game. On the honest side, oops we didn’t see that one coming sorry guys, it happens, in fact everyday, make a law and some odd side effect occurs.
I really hope this was an unexpected consequence. Guys your thoughts? Was this intentional or not?


Scopely doesn’t care about anything dude so I doubt they had intention on this happening, it’s one of those shit rolls down hill type of things.


This is actually an easy thing for each region to solve on their own. Scopely should not even have to get involved.


All they need to do is either lower the amount of walkers we need to clear (so it can be done by ourselves using 1 can or less) or give us league points for clearing walkers.

Not a hard concept :woman_shrugging:

Territories are painful at the best of times, now they are just becoming unbearable.


Territories have been a complete failure since their inception in Beta, quite how they ever got to go live is more astonishing than the fact they don’t work as intended )that’s a given with Scopely).

Only worthwhile part is the occasional territory event, but as we see one of those abound once every three months it not worth hanging onto to them any more.

I’m far from convinced the boosts they’re supposed to give (Crit success rate, item drops blah blah) have ever actually been applied.


Hell I always found when my faction held the AR level boosting territories like Magna’s Old Base that my ARs seemed to level less often than normal. It got to the point where I was actively ordering my factionmates NOT to take any of the the AR level boosting territories.


Awarding trophies to attacking walkers is not the solution. Everyone will still continue to drop every spot to walkers.

The solution is to no longer award trophies at all in territories but to instead award them to something else like daily SR or heaven forbid come up with a couple of entirely new events in a very tired game.


I wish the solution was to remove territories altogether, they always have been a cluster*&"(. I suppose the argument against adding them to something like SR is that the league is supposed to be about P vs P rather than P vs E, because, y’know, if you made it about P vs E it might reward you for not using the same 5 toons all the time until you give in and take a pull at a shiny premiere as you need to update your team…


This. Just get your region’s leaders together and agree to stop sending territories to walkers. It’s not rocket surgery


So I take it you dont have an influx of new teams that dont speak english?


Uh actually it very much is. How do you enforce said policy other then complaining on global. Hard to catch the perpetrators sometimes as well. Herding cats already with the crit territories alone let alone trying to police a whole map. Nothing will change with the players they are to greedy its up to scope to fix and I doubt they even care


I agree. We had both of the territories and I went through 180 citizens on Kate with no ar upgrades. Then, after when we had neither of the terrs, I hit for 2 levels on the 1st 10, and another 2 lvls on the 2nd 10.


Old Magna and Earl are in cahoots. Neither one of them is capable of getting the job done. :wink:


The players who do it the most are those that left the region and came back with an alt to troll. They lead their own faction. How easy is your solution when dealing with this? They don’t care if they never hold a territory, they will never queue 8 people up for war, there’s no carrot or stick to be used here.


It’s funny how people in this thread think anybody will listen in a region.


I don’t think it was intentional, but it definitely wasn’t a unforseen consequence, that’s for sure!
We knew what was going to happen, just like we did with Combat Mods.

They had to know what was going to happen, there were countless posts from Beta users, laying out exactly what was wrong with the way Leagues was set up. And IRC having points only being rewarded for attacks against PvP teams was front and center among others. But the communities concerns were completely ignored.

They were in such of a rush to push something out, that they didn’t beta test it long enough and none of the communities feedback was ever taken into account let alone implemented.

So again, we ended up with a Steaming Polished Turd of a feature that was released before it was ready. Just so they can buy even more Syrup for all those Pancake Parties they have. :rofl::rofl:
Meanwhile the game has become stale and boring. Something that was supposed to spur players into motivation has done the opposite bc it wasn’t designed properly.
It’s sad, I for one love this game! If I didn’t I wouldn’t have continued to play through the never ending BS every single day for the past 3 years.

To me this is one more example of a poorly designed and executed feature that shows how out of touch $copely is and proves that they don’t play their own game.

Leagues has potential like all the other features but it’s certainly not even remotely living up to it. The pessimist in me says I’m wasting my breath so to speak and that nothing will ever be done to fix it. Even though I want to be wrong. JOMO here. I hate to state the obvious but as long as they’re still making money, nothing will ever change! Bc they have zero incentive to fix something that’s making them more and more money. Just facts :man_shrugging:


3 yearVet I do believe you’ve nailed it perfectly. I’m of the belief they didn’t understand what was going to happen before Beta, but once Beta got going they apparently didn’t care. At that point for what reasons remain unknown. I mean territories were working, you only raided a spot if you and your faction wanted to control it. I want to craft weapons, ok guys let’s get the weapons territories. Done! And the other ones each faction had a single spot or two they owned, with the other 1/3 to 1/2 as spots to occasionally spar over. Now nothing is sacred.


The problem is more fundamental though. If you use up all your energy on human battles, that’s 5 less human teams. Even if you add 3 of your own, there are now 2 less human teams. If most players in territories are trying to use up their energy to get League points, you’ll see the number of defending teams available to fight drop.


Just empowered trolls and made everyone careless.

Not really developers fault. Silly consequence.

But leagues > territories so I’m willing to let it die without complaint.


That’s why they should make it how long you hold a land with teams in it do the hour by hour hold thing like they do for the tokens already