Unfinishable events like current event

What is the strategy people should use work these common events in game?
The current event is probably the worst so far this year because no amount of grinding can help you use a characters ar when no one had them.

I don’t remember if it was the S class post or this event post that said we would be able to earn extra stuff by special event maps. But neither one have had any extra maps that made these available. I’m gonna have to agree that this business model is pretty silly.

1 day away from getting the 21 days, so it’ll be 7 days to finish the high energy needed maps that came be opened without 10 uncollectible items.
Maybe it’s planned out like this because the maps not finished so it is just a placement, a :carrot:, to get dumbasses to keep moving.

I have enough prayer beads to finish the one that pops up today that will give me Four pulls of the stash. After that I will still be six short of completing the stash. I absolutely refuse to spend money on that character.

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Same I am not spending on Zhu so I’ll probably fall short