Unfair without Carl


Those of us who don’t have Carl it makes it 100times harder to defend and beat a lot of teams and since they have changed the 5* wheel it’s like unheard of for people to pull him scopley please let everyone without carl on there next 5* token pull pull a Carl to even the play field because it’s rediculious and so unfair to the ones who don’t have him already and for those that say we’ll do pulls for another melee lead toon that’s unfair because 90% of Theo ones who got Carl got him completely free when scopely was actually giving out decent prizes now they give liliths for crw I mean come on now


similar to shiva as well… Shiva is amazing 6* and sucks to not have him


I’m still running a 5* team and still able to kick butt don’t really care about defends as long as I can make dome points before I burn…


I truly feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have shiva


I would rather face a Carl lead than all these 6* Erika/Mirabelle.

The top 5 factions in this CRW have all leads with either of those two. It’s boring…


her :wink:


Strangely…im not using my Carl team. Im using Mirabelle. Weps are the predominant reason (I got atupidly lucky at level 115, walked off with an impair shotty, 35 atk dual ap gen rifle, Ab def 38 crit kukri, Two seperate stun guns one of which ia a 410 weapon score) and getting more defends than with my melee lineup.

Weapons can be a huge swing, but even so my team is soft when anyone with the big lines rolls into play. Its all about the change up timing.

Edit: Clarification


I wasn’t gonna say it.

But as long as you’re saying it, +1