Unethical gaming


Unethical gaming…Thats how i call faction(s) or individual(s),usually top ones, that are using their “spending” power to harass individual(s) or faction(s) in chats and wars(helping others)… Smack talk is okay, ribbing your friends is okay, but there’s always a line between “fun” and “hurtful". As Thumper says to Bambi, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all” . Maybe i am wrong this is part of the game… Have you encounter with this behavior in your region?



Every region has its own douchebags



We have mid factions who assist top ones on territories (attacking and not leaving any teams to defend) so it could be easier for tops to claim it and hold for a longer duration. In return they farm each other in wars. Sometimes when someone is tired in top1 faction they left for a tournament and they bring over strongest from the assisting faction to participate in event as a faction member.



My region hasn’t so many issues…But my second region has exactly as @EternalEnemy said ,with 4-5 ppl of top faction,“dead end” harass whoever they want and give generous help to mid factions in war continously. Unfair faction for sure! The cure for that behavior is block and make it public!

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It’s sad that when you think you are doing good in a game you think you are doing good in life. Those top players that like to harass and bully are actually cum wads in my opinion because those are the same ones that complain about tournament rewards, still spend on them, but are wasting their money. They have gambling addictions and take this game way too seriously. They are also addicted to throwing their money away on garbage and claim it is expendable cash but then a few months later want a refund, make youtube videos bashing scopely, bully other people and take it out on them, and think they are better than everyone else. Generally they are not good people and nowhere even close to being better than anyone if they have an awful attitude and personality. Just the same with some beautiful people, might be beautiful on the outside but they are ugly on the inside. Don’t take it personal, just ignore them, I guess they act like that because this game is all they have in their life.



They are insecure in real life and their self esteem is low ,but overall ,this kind of behavior makes the healthy and positive community of the game to just step aside…

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I see… we faced this faction in CRW . Strong teams BUT their toxic language was an issue in our region!! This kind of behavior is a scourge!



MY region has a specificS Hfaction that likes to single people out for bullying and harassment. I’ve experienced this first hand when this faction would have their milking faction “Angels Accepts” change their in game names to spread vitriol and level accusations at us. This isn’t about me though,this is about a person whom i have deduced may in all actuality be a saint. These despots and their campaign of hate must be stopped, I will not, nay, i shall not,aye, WE SHAN’T NOT be bullied anymore by these despots or their meaningless foot soldiers! In these dark times a poem written by my grandfather brings me solace and a sense of peace, at this time I would like to share it.

This is my fight song, take back my life song,prove i’m alright song
MY power’s turned on, starting right now i’ll be strong.
I’ll play my fight song and I don’t really care if nobody else believes
’Cause I got a lot of fight left in me - Shock G

To my faction and all of those who have been bullied by despots, I say,
We are STRONG! Searching our hearts for so long, All of us knowing

Also the language one of their members used was appalling, almost like he or she may have had issues with the opposite sex, it was very disturbing and uncomfortable with how he fixated on one of the members in a faction i belong to

Shout out to Tony and Biggie Smalls

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Are you one of those in game/forum bullies op is talking about?, it’s not too late to put a stop to your dastardly ways, it will get better



There is realistically no reason whatsoever to even click on global chat unless it’s to see how idiotic a human being can become. I’ve conditioned myself over time to remove that feature from this game as it serves nothing.

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Damn that sucks for your region. We have a chill and fun GC



A lot of the players (especially in top factions) cause as much damage to the game and regions as a Scopley do.

The power and control these factions try to take is a great reflection of the real world issues between countries.

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no one will be punished for being toxic and hateful in the game. Scopely doesn’t have any plans to punish this type of behavior. Guess its part of the game and you should all join it or leave. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Yea, not okay!

I’ll be doing my best to help implement a solid way to curb harassment in our game.

So frustrating!



forums and in game are two separate things. In forums its very mild and mostly people who wants to see a change for the better.

IN GAME… that is another story. Scopely does not have ANY presents to monitor the HATE and trolls in the game. Your doing great in forums but there is nothing you can do in game Kalishane.

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I mean – a better report button is a good start!

But, actual harassment that’s ruining an experience for someone – yea, that needs to be handled.

I’m willing to bet there are more people being harassed in-game than on a forum with 2k users. That upsets me because a lot of people game to escape shitty situations. :frowning:



its been over 2 years now and hate speech is the normal in global. The players are pretty numb to it by now and accept it as. Not sure if you play the game but there is a totally different world in game global that will make anyone skin crawl.



Thats exactly whats is happening…There is not only those who is being harassed,but there is also people that just dont like this drama to happen at all,in anyone.These guys also step aside ,and looking for another game!! Many people use gaming to escape from concernes (including me),as a happy way out …



This forum has leader from dead end ? If he is from troop then yes.But as i mentioned before,not all faction members are the same…I dont think that i will not be seen again! We all here to contribute to a better game experience