Undoubtly,War refill drop has been nerfed


why are you so greedy, you want to kill one of this fun game event, return our war drop to original



Confirmed the drop rate has been totally nerf batted into oblivion. Greed is not a pretty thing…





Not doing too bad personally, only -2. When I start to think it’s nerfed I get like 3 or 4 in a row. Not saying it’s not nerfed, just sharing my experience.



It seems like it’s been nerfed… so sad :frowning:



The cans aren’t nerfed. You’re just not dedicated enough. I got like 8 fills this whole war so far, so idk why y’all not getting anything. Real talk community.



Yes, we all know this.

They OBVIOUSLY were screwing with drop rates, we all saw it when all of a sudden literally ZERO cans were dropping the one bliz war. So they were in there messing around with it at the very least, we know that, its not even debatable.

You can say they were doling something other than reducing the rates but what would it be?

Anyway, they tweaked it too low, then tweaked it back up a bit, but it is certainly far lower than it was originally.

The reason, again, is obvious. The 6* fiasco utterly destroyed their financials, and they are desperate for ways to recoup some of the HUGE losses that has caused (endless stash, bazillion offers, lower refill drops, ‘participation’ reward structure, etc)



Started with 15 cans on one, have 35k points so have obviously been using. Got MVP once, but still have 14. Started with 20 cans on the other, 16k points (playing on two at once is a bitch), have not gotten MVP, have 21. My total wars done is… three. On both. Busy real life weekend.

So cans are dropping. Your luck is just horribad.



Lol! Zero cans dropping from zero wars sounds about right to me. :wink:



I’ve had several drop.

Just curious if u find yourself losing frequently or winning all battles. I rarely lose, so I’m curious if I’m just getting more opportunities than some of you may be getting.

When I do lose I think… f* that one had a can :wink:



That doesn’t mean anything, i play 2 regions as well, im currently 80k on one and 7 cans down and been mvp 4 times, second region im only on 25k mvp twice in 3 wars and 4 down
One example doesn’t make a pattern have you thought perhaps your lucky?

Just going from the general trend on the forum people are burning more cans than they receive, while normally it would be a break even type system, so from that we can infer drop rate has been reduced, along with the facts that we know that they have been tampering with drop rate that is a likely scenario.

Most people arent on the forum though so the data may be wrong as people are more likely to come complain about drop rates than if they have noticed no difference, but certainly in my region we are noticing a lack of drops,

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How many hits do u get in per battle?

I use a can each time, and can typically afford to do so cause I mvp a lot and my faction mates want me to be general in big matches, so it works out.



Started with 7 cans up to 16 with 150k war score. Towers are dropping a lot for me



I can say i often hit 11 + towers and dont think ive failed a hit yet, but people failing will not receive cans so it will reduce the number of drops, and yes im down on cans overall despite numerous mvps

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Asked in Line in my three factions. One person in my top 5 faction said they had four in a row. Another said lucky you, I have gotten three in four wars. So it is still random. It has never been in the almost two years I have been playing you get more than you spend unless you get extremely lucky. Just dropped from my 150k+ faction to my casual due to being busy, so not like I don’t know what the “real” wars are like, I just have not seen the complaints in two regions, four factions like people are complaining here (they let me stay in Line to chat, so… ).



Reasonable really no different than me in either case. Im running flat with frequent mvps and no major battles, so i would be down without my mvp bump.

I’ve been less active than usual since we are coasting this war since prizes are trash.



Yeh activity is down all around its sad to see

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Well since 5hey keep saying they look at the data, perhaps they will notice a reduction… although I’m not sure data exists.



Id disagree with you there, i have always found that can drops are mainly positive in the duration of every war i’ve played until recently (2 year player here aswell) . Of course its random and some will get more than others but from my experience of this war in my 2 regions drops are way down on last war and even more than previously, the worst guy in my faction is on 150k and is down 21 cans despite numerous mvps, and thats the trend , if your not mvp you will lose cans every war your in



Who knows, they may just see activity down and blame it on an unspecified problem that we dont know about , they need to collect feedback with data to properly understand it