Underrated specialist skill toon release please?!

Once upon a time, Scopely released a specialist skill called “hemorrhage”.
But little hemorrhage specialist skill is not even part of the 6* toon family.
Is there a chance that one of the 6s will adopt this poor little fella?!
Is there a hope that, perhaps one day, Scopely will release a 6
toon with hemorrhage???

We will find out in the next exciting episode of the Walking dead: Road to survival!
(but seriously, can we have a toon with hemorrhage? It’s such an underrated specialist skill) :frowning:


Yup but it’ll be in the hands of people who need it the least


a f2p hemorrhage and i’ll be happy

cough cough lightning reflexes


Lacerater+hemorrhage = op maybe scopley does want to keep there game somewhat balanced don’t give em ideas


Does Hemorrhage count as standard bleeding damage?
I don’t have a lacerator so I can’t test, but I’m pretty sure they’re separate.

It does…

:point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: yup

Execution is available - Red Eugene, Xmas Zeke (or is it Blue Negan).

Parting shot is terrible. Let it die

hemo…underrated :expressionless::neutral_face::thinking::rofl:.

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Heard it’s easy to beat Faction assault with it.

Yeah, I like 5* Maggie (yellow). It can stack up to a really nice damage

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