Under maintenance under maintenance

Just finished onslaught battle no rewards but I got under maintenance

:expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless: Maintenance

Lmao…cmon scopely just one event where it’s not screwed up

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Looks like it was only for around 5 mins, it’s up again :thinking::thinking:

Can’t do one thing right. How people keep spending makes me wonder

After bucketgate they told us there was gonna be maintenance but this time they did it without notice

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This one was probably unscheduled. Dev in charge of transfers probably had an aneurysm and collapsed on the server casing


Do we get compensation for this maintenance? Hope it’s a bucket that has more in it than hot air

Here I’ll be the first, they didn’t give a maintenance warning because the first time ever, people said it was to wipe servers of shady shit they do.
Like how they always called people buckets and it had nothing to do with a interview.

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