Undead toons, are they ghosts? What's going on here?

Ill start with the first time i discovered this bug, it was during the road rage roadmap…

In the beginning, i was having problems completing this roadmap, act 2 stage 3 was HARD. Incidentally i discovered a bug in that stage that I could repeatedly rely on to help me win.

I forget his name, but he is a human shield toon, and if i ignored him long enough and kept my focus on Jesus, he would stop working. He would no longer shield or take the effect of a shield, and his health bonus would continue to increase each turn. I found i did not need to worry about this toon, as he would consistently break if i ignored him.

Now i am in CRW and find myself taking the time to be in the forum instead of signing up for wars, because i have found this glitch in a war battle with an opposing team.

This time it is Solange, she stopped taking the effect of a shield, and stopped attacking, just stood there…

What is happening with these toons breaking? Is this something we are going to start seeing more affecting our gameplay? Have you heard of or seen anything like this glitch before?

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Just do like the rest of us; put up with it, be thankful it is working in your favour, sharpen your pitchfork and prepare to whine and moan all Monday and forget about it by Tuesday


Had the same happen several times, also Decap is glitching and not working properly. I killed several with decap Sandy or Alpha and the symbol didn’t show over that player. Then they were revived next turn by whatever revive toon was remaining. Happened roughly 6-7 times since start of war.

Theres a thread on this somewhere i believe its been reported. Unfortunately nothing to be done during war and be happy its in your favor :joy:

I think the toon alive counter gets bugged. So if a revive triggered and didn’t raise the counter for some glitch reason, it could think you met the win threshold but they still have a toon left.

I’ve seen this a few times but haven’t been able to reproduce it. It sure is odd.

Been happening to me all weekend. After a turn, toons just stand around and look at each other and after I kill a toon (with another remaining standing), says I won. I just marked it down to heal reduction. Using green Rick on attack. Maybe?

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I know nobody records every battle, but I’d like to see video. Maybe Monday see if you can recreate in friendly duels or capture in onslaught? This is the first I’ve seen it mentioned.

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I have video of it, but cannot post here

Unless you’re asking for the decap glitch, ive never seen it either

I was mainly interested in the decap glitch. I can check if they are interested in more videos with 1 toon alive at the end and will let you know if they do.

My video shows yellow Tyreese not taking shield, not making attacks, and his defensive boost continually multiplying. I died, there were still 5 opponents alive, lol…

It’s happened to me multiple times during war and roadmaps. I noticed it usually happened in double shield situations. I kill one of the shields and, if the second one is the last man standing, i get a win.

I’ve not tested it to be able to recreate it though.

I have a video of the one toon alive it happened on SR not raids tho i can send on line if you want

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