Unclaimed war tokens in inbox

So if I keep my war tokens I earned from war in my inbox, would it be possible to claim them next war and use them for that war?

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Good idea but im not sure

Think JB was clear multiple times that in fact no they disappear, so use them or lose them.

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Not if you’re gonna bring it up to them.

Not like you’ll be missing much if you don’t use them :joy:


We should make 100 more threads on this :hugs:


Lets make a post saying how people should stop posting about war tokens, and then make a million of those.


The forum community gives me brain damage


Gotta wear a safety helmet when on the forums



Ill take supply depot points as i am hoping for ty or eric to pop up before id take the crap in the stash

I have both good luck on them btw :slight_smile:

ill take purple tokens every day of the week rather then clicking and watching that damn animation 38 times. those rewards are bad!

Even more useless when there isn’t any offers to get the tokens this time round looks like your better getting the supply points refreshing supply depo if you haven’t got one of the toons in there grab one of grab some cans

There have & are offers for war tokens, been up since war.

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Not seen any available with coins

Probably not until closer to end of stash, but i feel they will phase out coins soon to eliminate coin loaders.

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You may be right but they didn’t have any during war either which was odd and that wouldn’t suprise me to be honest about the removal of coins

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