Unclaimed Inbox Rewards Disappeared

I was saving up mod scraps and trainers as I don’t have room for them just yet and all of the sudden last night, poof. Gone. There was about 20+ days left for me to claim them. Any tips on how to get them back? I’ve messaged support but not holding my breath on a response. Does deleting the game and reinstalling keep all of my progress? Thanks in advance for any help.

Are you inbox messages still intact? Once when the game crashed on me all my inbox messages and rewards waiting to be collected disappeared and slowly came back over about 24 hours.

Messages are still there, but no rewards.

Odd. And for sure it was 20 days not 20 hours? But even if you didn’t claim in the allotted time it stays there for a few days and says unclaimed or something, a sad reminder of what you missed. @JB.Scopely is this something you or support can aid with?

If you delete the game and reinstall, it will retain your progress. If you’re on Android and you know you’re linked to Facebook and you know your Facebook credentials, before trying the uninstall/reinstall you can try closing the game, clearing data, and then starting it back up again. Note: You shouldn’t need your facebook credentials for the game to re-load, but it’s better to be safe and have that info when you’re messing around with clearing data and uninstalling/reinstalling. Also, it can definitely take up to 20 minutes for everything to appear back after you do this. Be on a strong wifi signal.

Definitely engage support. They’re slow. Keep on them. I had to fight them for over a month one time to get my rewards, and the only rewards I got back was the toon that I knew for sure that I had lost from faction raid because it was a unique toon.

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I’m on iPhone. Deleted the game, reinstalled, got em back after about 30 min. Process was saved. Thanks


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