Unannounced Changes to the Premier Wheel: Good or Bad?


At least here, it seems the premier wheel is now separated by trait. Will this be a continued trend? It could be benefitial if you’re wanting a certain character of a certain trait. What are some toons y’all have pulled so far from this change?


I’ve pulled and gotten :poop:


Dumb and absolutely useless change.


White Shiva and Morgan


They can now change the odds to “100% to get a yellow trait toon”


Says “Premier: Fast” at the top of the screen…


It’s nothing new; they’ve run themed premier wheels before. Whether it’s a particular trait or a skill (healers, shields, etc.) they throw one of these out every couple of months.


One instance does not mean it’s a permeant change, it’s also clearly a premier fast wheel, and they added in more 6 stars since the odds went back down to 1%


I got duane and a 4th joshua


Nice lilliths bro


Just an incentive for players to pull… oh look, I can get Lydia, wayland AND Marlon (yea okay)…


Let’s not forget about shield Jesus


I just want you to know that I read all of your posts in Kodak Blacks voice.


I remember when they did themed wheels like

Saviors: increased chances for
Blue Dwight
Green Dwight
Blue mark

back then those were the only savior characters


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