Unable to unlink Facebook account

Has this happened to anyone else?This has happened to me on two separate accounts,both accounts haven’t been on the same device. I have switched devices and still got the problems,I believe it’s a beta issue. I reached out to support and tried what was suggested but it doesn’t work.
Account 1.
Player Name:ǟʍɨʀ 《Shark》
Device:Samsung J8
OS Version:Android 9
Platform: Android

Account 2.
Player Name:Amir
Device: Samsung J2 Prime
OS Version:Android 6.0.1

Both accounts are on game version

I started experiencing this issue last night at around 9:20PM[EST]. All i did was try to unlink to link another Facebook account (on account 2). Tonight I tried with account 1 and got the same issue. If anybody else has experienced this let me know and if the conditions are the same.

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The same happens to me and I’m beta too

Not sure what’s the issue

Thanks for the report. We are looking into this but haven’t been able to reproduce it on our end. Have you tried again since encountering this issue?

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Yes I have but still getting the same isssue. I got a friend to login and try and it worked fine for them,but when i try i still get it

We were able to identify the issue. It’s going to require a new build to address. We hope to get this build out next week but I don’t have a firm timeline to share at the moment.


Ok thanks.

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@Repentless - The fix for Facebook Unlinking is in the 20.0.3 build that just went into Public Beta. If you’re a member of the Public Beta program you should be able to unlink now. If not, the build will be live early next week for everyone.


My account Facebook was disabled and i dont know my account code to my 2nd account will it get deleted.

Nice. Thank you :pray:

Just lost my acc from this shit. Some how it has link my Facebook to two random noob acc support is ■■■■■■■ useless. When i could get on email them telling someone has been on ive updated my password just before going to bed. Just got up 1h ago cant get on and cant link my acc at all now linked to one of noob acc. There goes 4 years of playing…

Message support with these details if you’ve got them:

Got pass that part now stuck on starting game from start as keep giving me account linked to my Facebook even if Facebook and google games is not linked over and over.