Unable to do Trial of Survivors Club on Amazon Appstore

Says “Failed completing this purchase.” Please fix.

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Had to change my fire to use Google play had the same problem

Thanks for the info. I was going to try that but will now wait.

Same issue here.

Having the same problem(iOS)! Has anyone find solution yet?

What do you mean by changing the fire? Sorry I’m technology noob…

Google what I typed and youl see it was easy

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you cant start the survivors club on amazon because they haven’t made it for amazon so we cant get it yet that was from JB

this is from JB…
The Survivors Club is not yet activated for the Amazon version of the game.
I hope to bring you more concrete details on this soon, along with an estimated time of arrival.

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I switched over to google play store version and linked it to my Facebook but my account has not transferred. How do I get it transferred?

I see…
But I’m playing on iPhone… shouldn’t have that problem :frowning:

As I’m an iOS player, they can’t find any explanation… lame

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