Unable to Declare War Issue :alert:


We are aware of the issue where you are unable to declare war.

We are seeing it on all platforms and are actively investigating this issue!

I will keep you updated here. Hang tight.

Why can’t we declare war?
Can’t declare war
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What about the 6 vs 6?


I can’t even get the map to load on Decateur to even watch my faction mates play


What about the 6 vs 6 issue? That needs fixing ASAP!!! Otherwise war is ruined and pointless this weekend! Being a player yourself surely u can understand that


What aboutbeing penalised with late starts??? Other factions will already tear ahead.


Title says it all.

War cannot be declared, keeps looping…


Why can’t we declare war???


Other factions in our region are warring, nothing like starting the event off behind 30,000 points.


Same issue happening with my faction


still cant declare war!!


Same, unable to compete for those dubious rewards, not sure if it’s a good or bad thing. /takingthistotheteam :tm:


At least you guys can log into the game. Ppl with s7 can’t even play.





Why is it 6v6? If it should be that way why are the wait times so long



Cant start wars?

Ungh… time.for Shadows of War…


Another visual glitch s*** or somethin’ like that


Spent 2 month fixing war bugs and this still keeps happening? That shows how great you guys are.


Small build that I found was causing the issue for me, and found it to be repeatable.

I switch between 2 devices for my account. phone / tablet.

Whenever I switch, I notice I cannot declare war until it has loaded the back-log of faction events onto this machine. It looks like it is downloading not hours but days of faction events (attack / revenge / join / start war … ). It loads slowely, but when it is all up to date, I can start / join war.

Maybe put in a when switching device download no more than 50events or less?



tagging @Shawn.Scopely and @Agrajag for visibility.

We didn’t see any tickets for this yesterday and I heard it was resolved. That being said, there could be some other issues out there and we’re doing what we can to tackle them – worst before least.

Thanks everyone for your help!